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  1. Well spawn only returns the script handle for the spawned script so no wonder things went out of control.
  2. Don't need a handle for scripts called with spawn! ;)
  3. hard coded into arma afaik
  4. Tuliq

    Class base ammo box

    We need to know what the mps_ammobox function looks like. . ---------- Post added at 13:04 ---------- Previous post was at 13:03 ---------- looks like you didn't define it
  5. [["taskOne","Succeeded",true],"BIS_fnc_taskSetState",nil,true] spawn BIS_fnc_MP!
  6. Tuliq

    They better have female soldiers...

    Its 2035 who knows maybe they are jacked up on steroids and nanos.
  7. There is another way to do this which i feel is probably the best way. Use setmarkerposlocal to set the position of a marker locally on a players computer, independent from all other players. Just make a simple "if" check, and if the player is a pilot, then do a "respawn_west" setmarkerposlocal [your pilot spawn coordinates]. ---------- Post added at 11:41 ---------- Previous post was at 11:38 ---------- F.ex "respawn_west" setmarkerposlocal getpos player will make units respawn at the same position you placed them in the editor
  8. You could make a trigger and write in the condition field !alive anton then in on activation write hint "Anton is dead. He is with us no more. Anton was a brave man who fought with great honor for his country. We shall never forget his memory or his boundless sacrifice to our common cause. Viva la Anton!"; I hope this helps!
  9. That seems strange... BIS's own splendid cam displays icons, so I guess there must be a way to do it.
  10. Tuliq

    multiplayer money system

    You have to make sure that the script only runs on the killers machine dude. player addMPEventHandler ["MPKilled",{ _killer = _this select 1; if (_killer == player) then { _killer execVM "killed.sqf"; }; } ]; alt: player addMPEventHandler ["MPKilled",{ _killer = _this select 1; if (_killer == player) then { mymoney = mymoney + 100; }; } ];
  11. Tuliq

    overdrive Lamps ?

    Driving over? I am confused.
  12. if(isNil "myIcons") then { myIcons = addMissionEventHandler["draw3d",{ { if(side _x != side player) then { drawIcon3D ["", [1,0,0,0.7], visibleposition _x, 1, 1, 45, (format ["%2:%1m",player distance _x, name _x]), 1, 0.03, "default"]; } else { drawIcon3D ["", [0,1,0.5,0.4], visibleposition _x, 1, 1, 45, (format ["%2:%1m",player distance _x, name _x]), 1, 0.03, "default"]; }; } foreach allunits; } ]; }; Maybe that would work? I am not sure. Worth a shot! I also replaced position _x with visibleposition, learned that from KK, and it gives it a lot smoother updating. Eh, made a mistake. fix'd it!
  13. Don't give a shit about people saying COD is shit and this is arma and blah blah blah... if you want to make a COD like mission, then go do it. If you want to make a Peggle Extreme like mission, go do it. Because that is Arma. Freedom to play like you want.
  14. It doesn't overlap for me, but it does for other interface sizes other than small. I guess I should keep the values within the 0 - 1 range?