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  1. Really no answer? I mean its a huge bug - because i can't play the career anymore! I sent the files DnA requestet to that email account. I hope it helps. I tryed disabling the damage in the options and i already repaired my heli before i start the mission. Nothing helps. I really hope anybody looks over this.
  2. I have exact the same problem. I came back from my second "Flashback/War" mission and now i have to fly to hayden again. Well i cant even start to fly, because as soon as the loading screen is done and i press start in my briefing screen i see myself sitting in the helicopter, the rotors are flying around and the message "your helicopter is too heavyly damaged" pops up (In german, because i use the german languane). I really hope there will be help from you guys, cause actually i cant play it anymore and that sucks big time. I really enjoyed it - bought it yesterday and now this. :-( very disapointing.
  3. You can find the action in the configuration menu. I had the same problem. It was *right control* + delet If you have 2 motors you can shut down the second one with *right control* + *end* I hope i could help.