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  1. as the title says any groups that play custom missions as well as wasteland/dayz. Im from Australia and im 16(mature) add me on steam - bozo97
  2. any communities/calns out there that host their own missions and play together as a squad.
  3. any news on what is happening. When will the issue be fixed etc. I really just want to go back and play.
  4. does anyone no when this will be fixed, how many days or hours or weeks. I just want to play
  5. do they no how to fix it
  6. ive got no idea what it is or what it does, can someone explain. What does the hacker want, because all I want to do is play the fucking game. I bought It yesterday and played It for 4 hours, and now I cant play it anymore. How and when are they going to fix this
  7. im playing arma 3 wasteland and every now and again it just randomly freezes and crashes. How do I fix this. Please help
  8. need a few people to form a wasteland squad. add me on steam for more details. bozo97