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  1. Jalio

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    *Dribbled* Thank you sooo much for your efforts!
  2. Running a dedicated server and since the update, no one can connect with mods enabled. Instead of the server showing green status, or a key if it had a password, it just shows red. If we all disable all mods we are running, we can connect to the server. I have re-installed the server numerous times. This has all occured since they released the latest update with the heli DLC. My server provider cannot see the problem either. Never had this before. Anyone?
  3. Sounds good. Arma 3 is in need of the good old arma 2 domi's and insurgency missions with no addons :( Love the missions though. Great fun! look forward to the new one :)
  4. Drool! Amazing :)
  5. Looks great! Cam't wait to give it a go.
  6. Jalio

    Speed Of Sound

    Arma 2 I will forever use JSRS. I did use JSRS in A3 however leaning way more towards SOS. I don't want to compare as they are both good in there different ways, however for me I like the realistic feel SOS gives over JSRS. JSRS to me is a sound mod for the game where as the SOS feels like a realistic sound mod for the game, if that makes sense. Still, both good :) Looking forward to future updates Bigpickle and great job so far.
  7. Hi chaps I'm looking for someone who could kindly do a simple request that I have. Just a texture for a beret. If anyone could do that the please let me know. Would be really appreciated. Beret I'm looking for is my former regiment, The Rifles. Cheers.
  8. Jalio

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Awesome! glad I checked tonight. Many thanks :)
  9. Jalio


    Haha, video cracked me up :D what the hell! Good times are coming!
  10. Jalio


    HaHa deffo trying this
  11. Jalio

    SpeedOfSound Mod (Beta)

    Cannot wait, sounds awesome!
  12. Jalio

    Game not launching

    Haha I know. Never thought it would be me caught in the whirlwind.
  13. Jalio

    Game not launching

    So it now works, all I did was install that last download and then re-installed the game. So from now I guess it's playing. Thank you guys btw. I really appreciate the efforts!