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  1. I have been a lover of the Arma series since the flashpoint days and they are amazing games. Flashpoint was a performance hog (despite having a high spec PC at the time) and when Arma 1 came out I had high hopes that it would run better. Again It didn't run too well as it was a single CPU core game. When Arma 2 appeared on the scene later, I upgraded my system again as the quad core era was now here and I hoped for a more optimized game. Years later, even high spec PC's cannot run this title at 60fps constantly with moderate action on screen without cranking down some settings. Now it is 3rd time around for the Arma series and I thought Bohemia would finally optimize this game to run on modern machines. I sold my i7 920 CPU and my HD 7970 and I built a new system just for this game - i7 4770k CPU (4.6ghz) a factory overclocked GTX 780 ti, 16 gig 2133mhz Ram and 3 SSD drives. With all the bells and whistles my system cost well over £2,000. Now I only game at 1080p so my hardware for this resolution is MASSIVELY overkill. I use vsync because I can't stand tearing or stutter. All my games (nearly 300 on steam) run buttery smooth without an ounce of stutter and not one drops below the vsynced 60fps, ever (Inc Crysis 3 and BF4). Now on to Arma 3, my old i7 920 CPU and HD 7970 was no slouch and with some settings turned down I could hold 60fps constantly (single player) until I got into a fight with several AI and then my fps would plummet, that was the reason I built a new system. On to my new system (i7 4770k CPU (4.6ghz) a factory overclocked GTX 780 ti, 16 gig 2133mhz Ram and an SSD) even with all the latest Arma 3 performance tweaks, Arma 3 doesn't run that much better than my old system. Granted, I can increase the graphic settings higher and get a solid 60fps when there isn't much on screen (single player again) but once I get into a bit of a firefight with the AI, the framerate drops below 60fps. I could drop the graphical settings lower but you don't have to drop the settings much before it starts to look horrible. I don't believe a top end GPU helps this game in the slightest as it is CPU dependent but if you cannot get a game to run at all times at 60fps at a low resolution of 1080p in the year 2014 with a £2,000 system then they need to start downscaling these games entirely. I know I don't speak for everyone and some are content with 30-40 fps in Arma games which is great, but I am sensitive to all stuttering and demand a solid 60fps as minimum in all my games. For over 10 years Bohemia have been plagued with people screaming at them for an OPTIMIZED ENGINE but it has never happened. I really do love the Arma series but I probably won't return to Arma 3 until I buy a G-SYNC monitor (more Expense) as that seems to be the only solution to stutter when I am dropping below 60fps.
  2. I have not played Arma 3 for a long time and I only ever played single player. I have never been able to hold a constant 60fps with anything I have thrown at it. I now have a GTX 1080, i7 6700k and an SSD at 1080p. This still wouldn't have been enough before to keep a constant framerate with the engine as it was a year ago. With the recent update has there been a significant improvement or is it just same old Arma performance? Thanks in advance.
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    Anyone tried a 4790K yet?

    I have purchased an i7 4790K (oc'd at 4.7ghz), Plextor M6e PCI Express SSD, 16gb Corsair Vengeance 2400mhz ram and a 780ti with a 1080p monitor, I only play single player games. Is this setup going to give me a constant 60fps with high graphical settings or are some AI missions still going to drag my frames down?
  4. I have a overclocked 780ti, 4770k 4.4ghz 16gb 2133mhz ram and an SSD and I play at a 1920x1080 resolution. I only play single player and even with all the best config tweaks and a medium view range and just 2x AA I couldn't maintain 60fps when just a few AI appeared on screen. I just want to know if the single player performance has improved with the recent patches before reinstalling. If nothing has really improved I will keep waiting. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks guys. I will reinstall later and give it another go. As I said, I only play single player but I use v-sync to avoid screen tearing, (a fps limiter alone isn't smooth enough) and I hate that below 60fps stutter. Maybe I am asking too much expecting 60fps constantly. It is just frustrating after I spent a small fortune to run Arma 3 well and it suffers in certain missions :)
  6. No CPU or GPU can run Arma 1, 2 or 3 as intended and I have spent a fortune on hardware over the years for the Arma series (my current rig is well over £2,000). I have been PC gaming for nearly 20 years and Bohemia Interactive is one of only a few companies that can't make a game to run at acceptable framerates. If you can't obtain a constant 60fps all the time with a MASSIVE RIG then don't develop the game. The few games that are graphically demanding on current hardware are eventually able to perform well when hardware has improved. With the Arma series this has NEVER been the case. Operation Flashpoint never performed better the more you improved your hardware. Arma 1 - Isn't multi threaded so you cannot run 60fps whenever there are several things on screen at once. Arma 2 - Doesn't utilize quad core CPU's properly either. This title is about 5 years old now and still no one on this planet can run this game at 60fps with high detail and with moderate on screen action. I have tried every mod and tweak on this game and thrown bags of money at it and nothing makes a difference. Arma 3 - Not much more graphically superior to Arma 2 but same old performance issues, perhaps even worse in my opinion. No modern system can run it as intended and no system will be able to run it at a constant 60fps in 5 years time. With every future Arma release it will be the same performance problems without ever any changes in sight (this performance problem has been with Bohemia for 13 years now). All the gamers out there that don't mind running Arma games with an inconsistent 30-60 fps, then non of the above applies to you. And lastly. When Arma 2 was released in 2009, Codemasters released "Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising". Now I know this title was a failure for them and Arma 2 was a better game. But Arma 2 wasn't massively better to look at. A mod was made for OFDR which opened up the whole Island and improved the AI and increased the amount of vehicles and infantry etc. Even in 2009 I could run this game with this mod at 60fps 100% of the time. That is just an example that it can be done, but while they use the same engine over and over it will never be achieved. I just wish that Bohemia would break the mould and for once give us gamers such an amazing OPTIMIZED experience that we would gladly spend our money on faster hardware for it. Up to now, we are wasting our money. (my post applies to single player).
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    Warfare BE

    Got that, thanks :)
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    Warfare BE

    Hello. I'm new to this mod and I'm loving every minute of it. Just an issue with the vehicles, maybe its something simple I am overlooking. When you buy units/vehicles I can command them to follow me, attack etc etc but how do I get into the vehicles? They also ignore disembark orders. Even after killing the AI motorcyclist I could not get onto his bike. Could anyone shed and light on to where I am going wrong? Thanks. Oh and I am using the latest version of this mod :)