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  1. At least in 1.32 setvelocity didn't affect brakes.
  2. Yes my point exactly, why include BIS_fnc_MP unnecessarily when you can just use the publicvariableserver and addpublicvariableeventhandler.
  3. Why not just use publicvariableserver and addpublicvariableeventhandler?
  4. Ah, should've read the post a bit better :)
  5. #define getHPdmg(hpname) _veh getHitPointDamage hpname _veh = _this; if !(typeName _veh == "OBJECT") exitWith { diag_log "ERROR getHitPoints, _this is not an object"; []; }; _vehCfg = configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _veh; _hitPointsVeh = _vehCfg >> "HitPoints"; _turrets = _vehCfg >> "Turrets"; _hitpoints = []; for "_i" from 0 to ((count _hitPointsVeh)-1) do { _hpname = configName (_hitPointsVeh select _i); _hitpoints pushback [_hpname, getHPdmg(_hpname)]; }; for "_i" from 0 to ((count _turrets)-1) do { _hitPointsTurret = (_turrets select _i) >> "HitPoints"; for "_j" from 0 to ((count _hitPointsTurret)-1) do { _hpname = configName (_hitPointsTurret select _j); _hitpoints pushback [_hpname, getHPdmg(_hpname)]; }; }; //Returns [["hitpointname",damageasinteger],["name",integer]] _hitpoints;
  6. Yup doesn't help having AI or actual player inside the vehicle, brakes are still on.
  7. Looks good, could've certainly used a guide like this when I started scripting. A quick thing I could think of would be to include missionNamespace, uiNamespace and profileNamespace, if you are willing to update and improve the guide even further :)
  8. Yes ofcourse attachTo has been used for a long time and is really easy to do. But wasn't the point of this thread to actually tow using the ropes? :) Edit: Just re-read your post, haven't actually tried that. Maybe best I'll go to sleep.
  9. Practically a loop is not going to cut it. You can probably simulate the correct physics but it takes alot of work and performance wise in a multiplayer game it's not ideal. The loop method was used pretty neatly in a towing script for aircraft in A2, can't remember the correct one but it looked pretty realistic. Instead all we need is a way to not have the breaks applied 24/7 on the vehicle :)
  10. Nope, you really need alot more fiddling around to simulate correct physics :) Looks pretty funny:
  11. _moneyPile = createVehicle ["Land_Money_F", getpos player, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; //This syntax is way faster than the old one _playermoney= player getVariable ["mymoney",0]; //Now _playermoney is 0 if the variable doesn't exist _moneyPile setvariable ["mymoney",_playermoney]; //Didn't quite get what you were trying to do, double the money amount the player had or just have the moneypile have the same amount?
  12. Been struggling with this one too. Lowering the center of mass made it possible to drag the vehicle without flipping, ofcourse the brakes are still on. A loop might get the job done with some fiddling but is really not a feasible solution at all. What we need is this: vehicle setHandbrake true/false
  13. Far easier to just check what .p3d filename ATM:s have and do some string searching from the nearestObjects results with no classnames.
  14. Nothing, since the cursortarget doesn't return anything.