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  1. oh - sad - nice stuff - thanks
  2. ScorpyX

    Modelling tutorials!

    Thank you for twitch record man - it helpful
  3. this tread is "Full of Stars"
  4. ScorpyX

    Tao Folding Map

    very sweet mod - thx
  5. ScorpyX


    yeah.. arma long time required separate shader setting it stupid having all effects in 1 preset option..
  6. ScorpyX

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    flipping already work - i just hold car without flipping :3
  7. ScorpyX

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    Arma 3 will be a good racing simulator..
  8. ScorpyX

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    brief result: If some of players Really want play arma 3 in Oculus Rift - he easily do this in the middle of 2013 with good pc (not super expensive - just good) and please sorry for my harsh - just try understand (btw i love arma community) facts: - - - Oculus Rift required - - - - some guy in internets already make driver - - - - shall be (standart for stereo 3d) issue with "UI" "HUD" interface - - - - and shall be very not standart probleme - - - - people who still can not deal with keyboard - - - - and finaly - there is another problem - for an enjoyable game in Oculus Rift - - - - (bonus) Sony VR Headset just useless - ps. Currently discussing Oculus Rift pointless - but in the future it will not be a big problem just calm down guys and wait until mid-2013 - after this all will be obvious and at hand Don't sell the skin till you have caught the bear
  9. ScorpyX

    Best screen capture program for making Tutorials

    "Mirillis Action!" is good it car record and fullscreen games and window part of screen