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  1. Just a random post to say as the title :P I was timewarping up to the final island thinking, "Oh here we go... 3 hour slog-fest on a massive island" - but was pleasently surprised by the action :) Kudos guys <3
  2. Yeah I've left it to it's own devices and sprinkled some defence islands. It's got the bottom 4 but now it attacks random islands and even the weak rated ones repell them - so I'm good to get on with the evil volcanos :)
  3. Hello. Firslty loving the game, I like the slow pace and pretty graphics, very atmospheric :) Anyway.. during the campaign I nabbed the top-right of the map while the mean asian people stole several of the islands in the bottom left. So I hiked down there to reclaim them and bumped into the enemy carrier! Yikes! It was swiftly dispached. Which I tought seemed a bit early for it to be happening but ho-hum. Next thing I know, half way through me clearing the island to retake it... *another* enemy carrier turns up. I see it's oddly on fire already so send in a nosey manta and in about 4 rockets its dead. Then the very next island I go to.. *BZZZ* ENEMY CARRIER! ...this time a fully fixed and armed one. I kill it... then 5mins later... Am I suffering from some weird bug or do I just have to put up with a carrier attack every 20mins for the final stages of the game? Much love xx