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  1. Hello! I am advertising our very own Chernarus Life server. However, this server is different. Not only is the name different, it contains a whole bunch of new features. This includes more jobs, a variety of activities, new weapons, new licenses, new locations and most importantly, a customised Anti-Hack protection. I present to you - Vision Life. So first of all, I bet you are thinking 'This Life server is just like the rest of them'. Well you'd be mistaken. Our server is unique. It is run by active admins from different time zones. Our server supports any player, whether you're from Europe, Asia or even North & South America. Guess what? It doesn't end there. We also have our very own Anti-Hack protection. It consists of 3 vital layers. First of all, it will try and detect any cheat menus which may or may not be open. Then, it will constantly look out for players who could possibly be activating their cheat menu. Last but not least, we have the core Anti-Hack scripts. They are executed on the client every couple of seconds. It will look out for key variables which have been altered such as your money, stun time, jail time, position and so on. If any of the variables have been altered, it instantly informs everyone on the server with a global wide message and a log is created in our files. This way, the admins can deal with the player accordingly and other players will be informed so they can alert an admin or avoid that player. I am not proclaiming that our Anti-Hack stops every single hack. Because let's be honest, none of them do. But ours has been specifically scripted for our server so our players can enjoy the most out of our server. If you are new to Chernarus Life servers, I suggest you take a look at ours. The main reason for this is because there are a few other servers out there which let's be honest, leave a negative impact on all Life servers. We have a 'Zero Tolerance' policy for script kiddies, cheaters and rule breakers. Hacking or cheating will lead to a permanent ban. As for the rule breaking, you are given 3 chances. First of all, you will be given a verbal warning from a Game Moderator or an Administrator. If you continue to break another rule, then you will be removed from the server. If you persist to break another rule, then you will be given a temporary or permanent ban depending on the severity. So what are you waiting for? Discover your new life today! Kind Regards, Jackson Server Name: [VG] Vision Life Server IP: Server Port: 7302
  2. Look at it from this perspective. With that script, the client with the local variable _loadpos is being asked to execute the iniDB functions. Only the server has the addon installed, not the clients. Therefore, it's impossible for the clients to be able to load their own stats if they don't have the functions. If you are the server then that will work for yourself.
  3. terrence, it's because of the That is local to the client. It works for you because you are the server which has iniDB and the client.
  4. Hello, Could someone tell me if it's possible to get the server to search the client's Arma directory and subfolders for a file? I don't mean by designating the path to the file, I mean for the server to search the entire directory + subfolders for it. Thanks o/
  5. JammyPear

    Client side files

    I do not intend to do any malicious stuff. I do indeed intend on making an antihack script which will do a generic search in the whole directroy for a certain file which will 100% confirm that this client has cheats. I already know how to search in the directory for a certain path. (i.e \wuat\scripts ) But that's not what I'm looking for. Thanks for answering my question o/
  6. To stop a load of people wasting hours of their time, this mod DOES NOT work for the ArmA 2 Standalone as callExtension was released in OA and not ArmA 2 If anyone knows if there are mods which add the callExtension function/command then please do let me know!
  7. @eagle, make sure the 'Magazines' and 'Weapons' are in the correct case. i.e magazines != Magazines
  8. eagledude4, are you only loading the variables up at the start of the mission?
  9. Thanks for the help guys :) ---------- Post added at 00:31 ---------- Previous post was at 00:30 ---------- I will try and implement this soon shinkicker, and if I have any joy with the saving/loading I will certainly give you the mission code
  10. So I do this: Add @iniDB mod folder to my servers directory Add the "if (IsServer) then {call compile preProcessFile "\iniDB\init.sqf";}; " to my mission init.sqf file Then I am free to save/load variables?
  11. Just to clarify how to install.... I put the @iniDB file in my/server ArmA 2 directory I then add "call compile preProcessFile "\iniDB\init.sqf";" to my missions Init.sqf file even though there is no folder called iniDB which contains init.sqf Is that correct? It just doesn't seem logical adding "\iniDB\init.sqf";" when there isn't a folder called that. There will be a folder called @iniDB but not iniDB. Any help would be appreciated
  12. Hello, Vision Gaming is a small community who enjoy gaming. We host servers on several games including ArmA 2. We have our own 'Vision Life' server which as the title says, is a life server. It's great fun and has great admins who regularly administrate the server. We accept all players no matter how old you are - we just require for you to be mature in-game. If you are interested in joining the community servers, then simply sign up at: http://www.visiongaminguk.enjin.com Kind Regards, Jackson Vision Gaming Administrator