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    Is it acceptable

    I was simply wondering if it is accepted by Bohemia Interactive that servers are denying people from playing for simply having a private steam profile. Name: [AWG]DAYZ-EXILE|CHERNARUS-REDUX|SURVIVAL|ZOMBIES| The server IP: If so... For what reason would this be acceptable?
  2. I'm kind of a nooby when it comes to scripting. I've followed the instructions to the best of my ability and it appears I'm a all round fail. I'm not sure if it's me not understanding the lingo or if I'm just plain dense. Anyhow!! could someone be nice enough to share a working version for "Arma 2" only! specifically "co40_Domination_2_11A2_West.Chernarus" with the script already installed and working so that I may use it to investigate where on earth I went wrong. I believe in this system and would love to have the ability to stop kicking and banning people from my server and just get down to business creating a good community of players who share the same enjoyment I do with co-op. Thank you!
  3. OK so here is the deal. I'm running Arma 2 FREE. (NOT going to buy the expansions as the game has proven flawed. Waiting for Arma 3) In the mean time: I'm trying to implement this script “TK punishment v 1.1†on Co40Domination 2 AI west. I've customized this map a little where I've added civilians and civilian vehicles in all the towns and a few other vehicles. I find the server I'm running (From Home) Using TA2DST v1.4 tool. (Dedicated server). The issue is the instructions. I'm finding this some what annoying. 1: Make sure you have a functions module on your map. I've made a module yet “nothing is stated what to put in it. Leave blank? 2: Place a marker called DMZ_TKP_marker in your base or your no TK zone, or change marker name below in options. I've placed the marker and called it DMZ_TKP and that seems to work fine. This is the main issue I'm having. “_null = [this,"start"] execVM "TKP.sqf";†Where on earth in Co40Domination do I place this code? I've selected the playable soldiers and pasted the code in the INIT section on each and every one of them. Yet in preview mode it works. BUT in MP mode it only works when you kill your self. So what I'm asking if at all possible could someone give me the idiots guide please. “step by step instructions!!!! So that I can fully understand what on earth is going on. Thanks!:)