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  1. Is there an easy way to create an hight map from contour lines? I mean, i have a map with contour lines but i can extract them, so i have just contour lines on white background. Is there an easy way to do that? Or also a not soo easy way? And, i mean create a heightmap out of something like that: http://www.ipf.tuwien.ac.at/publications/dh_p_isprs98/fig15.jpg (don't know if its allowed to post that pic directly - therefor as link) Greets (And fuck i'm sorry, i asked that already at another (really old.../and at wrong Forum) Thread - wrong thread. I'm really sorry about that...)
  2. Sorry for the Thread Necromancy... Is it possible someone describe it again with pictures? Or does someone know another way to create a heightmap from contour lines? Or a newer tutorial? Because i cannot find a good one - the problem is, that i wanna create a 5x5km map from a real city. Not that big ^^ But it would be nice if there is an easy way to create a hight map from the contour lines... Greets
  3. Erm... I'm asking because i dont want to registrate there. Otherwise the question for an "Not-Google-Play-Store" download would be a littel bit useless, or? So, no chance? To bad...
  4. Well, what should i do? I'm not registrated at Google Play store... Is there a possibility to get this with a normal download too? I have an app like that already installed for about 3 or 4 month and i wanna compare them. What i can tell you, your app do look much better. "Our" was just for getting data fast, not for optics :D Please make it available also without Google Play Store.
  5. snorlax

    Admin camera?

    I think add a possibility to write demo on the server like at CS/Quake/BF is a best way. May be someone adds this request at the bug tracker...