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  1. trevormcneill

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    Thats why I said Legality issues aside the fact that they are still using others mods after being asked not to is the issue I have with them. Its about respect and ethics.
  2. trevormcneill

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    So ignoring the legal aspects of this situation the fact that they are showing blatant disrespect by using others mods ie Robert Hammers packs after being asked to remove it. Then, they justify it by saying oh they cant do that because of the licence included in said mods is what I am most unhappy about.
  3. can you get it to work with BI's arsenal?
  4. trevormcneill


    can you release a version of this mod without the dependancy
  5. So i have made a script for use with the mod ACE that adds the availability of a suicide vest. for the most part it works fine but i can not figure out how to get it to count to the users kills. If someone can look at the script and help me out it would be very appreciated. also, any suggestions to change/upgrade the current script would also be welcome. Thank you. Link to script README included: Click me! also i want it to show up in the kill log as for example Johndoe killed by TrevorMcNeill
  6. so i just watched the video first off well done the mod looks really well put together. but one thing i think would add to this mod is if someone is wounded to the point he was in the video maybe make it so he has to be sent to a medical area or something of the sort and be treated there. also the fact that you can carry blood bags is a bit off because from what i know blood bags would last maybe 30min of not being chilled in a cooler of some sort before being being deemed unusable but if you made a Medical vehicle such as a medical BlackHawk(or similar helicopter) you could make it so medics on the ground can do bandages, tourniquet, CPR, etc. but then in the helicopter they could do more complicated things to stabilize the player such as Blood bags, defib, etc. until they reached a medical station in which he could be fully healed and return to battle. this is of course just a suggestion it is your mod so do with it as you please.
  7. so I am new to modding and at the moment I am making the config for my Thermal Monocular but I am not sure how to set up features including Zoom, thermal/non thermal, and set classname if someone could help me out this is what I have so far. #define TEast 0 #define TWest 1 #define TGuerrila 2 #define TCivilian 3 #define TSideUnknown 4 #define TEnemy 5 #define TFriendly 6 #define TLogic 7 #define true 1 #define false 0 #define private 0 #define protected 1 #define public 2 class CfgPatches { class MX2A_weapons { units[] = {}; weapons[] = { }; requiredAddons[] = { }; requiredVersion = 1.0; }; }; class cfgWeapons { class Default; class MX2A_Binocular : Default { scope = 2; model="\MX-2A.p3d"; modelOptics=""; picture=""; value = 5; type = 4096; displayName = MX-2A; nameSound = "binoculars"; reloadTime = 0.000000; sound[] = {"",0,1}; canLock = 0; optics = 1; forceOptics = 1; useAsBinocular = 1; primary = 0; magazines[] = {}; class OpticsModes { class Scope { OpticsID = 1; UseModelOptics = 1; MemoryPointCamera = "Eye"; opticsPPEffects[] = { "OpticsCHAbera1", "OpticsBlur1" }; OpticsFlare = 1; opticsDisablePeripherialVision = 1; OpticsZoomInit = 0.047000; distanceZoomMin = 300; distanceZoomMax = 300; opticsZoomMin = 0.047000; opticsZoomMax = 0.047000; discreteDistance[] = {}; discreteDistanceInitIndex = 2; VisionMode[] = {"Normal"}; CameraDir = ""; }; class Eyes { OpticsID = 2; UseModelOptics = 0; MemoryPointCamera = "Eye"; OpticsPPEffects[] = {}; OpticsFlare = 0; OpticsDisablePeripherialVision = 0; OpticsZoomMin = 0.250000; OpticsZoomMax = 1.100000; OpticsZoomInit = 0.500000; DistanceZoomMin = 200; DistanceZoomMax = 200; VisionMode[] = {}; CameraDir = ""; }; }; class Library {libTextDesc = "MX2A_binocular";}; descriptionShort = "Thermal monocular"; }; }; Any help is appreciated, Thank you.
  8. hey first off i would like to say love the mod loved it in arma 2 but now it is amazing but i have had a few issiues like placing objects such as H-barriers it doesn't place them where the preview shows it to be placed. also don't know if this is an issue with MCC3 or AiA but categories such as 'warfare buildings' do not show up in the editor of MCC but do in the 2d editor. sorry if it has been said before but i couldn't find a search bar for the thread
  9. Glad to see you were able to free up some time to do this cant wait!
  10. trevormcneill

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Do you plan on adding a working LITENING targeting pod for target acquisition and laser targeting for the GBU vartiants and also a separate Targeting camera for the AGM-65 or similar missiles as it is done in DCS because if so, That would make my day. Also on the topic of CCRP/CCIP will that be for the Cannon, the Bombs, or both; And with bombs will you be able to manually switch between CCRP/CCIP or will it be done as it was in the ACE mod for ArmA 2.
  11. so i am working on a car bomb script and i have the script spawn a vehicle and then the user can blow it up ussing the given addaction but i can figure out how to give the spawned vehicle a name private ["_unit", "_id"]; _id= _this select 2; _Unit= _this select 1; BombMaker_N = getpos glbuilding nearestObject 272072; BombMaker_C = getpos glbuilding nearestObject 33531; hint "vehicle spawned"; BombMaker_N removeAction _id; _BombTruck_N = "Ural_TK_CIV_EP1" createVehicle getMarkerPos "TruckSpawn_N"; _BombTruck_N setDir 120; _Unit addAction ["<t color=""#FF0000"">" + "Detonate Truck Bomb", "Truck_Bomb\Detonate_Truck_Bomb_N.sqf"]; sleep 1800; THEN THE DETONATE SCRIPT "ACE_PipebombExplosion" createVehicle getPos _BombTruck_N ; hint "boom";/// verify script runs
  12. Never mind didn't know collapsed buildings loose the addaction please remove post
  13. as the title states how do i import said maps into oxygen 2.
  14. trevormcneill

    Need help with modding MX-2A

    Alright, so I finally found the config that included some of the information for the binoculars but I was unable to find anything pertaining to the model.cfg for the binoculars which isn't saying much because I wasn't completely sure what I was looking for. If anyone could give some insight on the matter it would be greatly appreciated. again I am completely new to this so even though I found some info not sure what to do with it but I am still reading up on it so hopefully I will find something.
  15. so I am making a pair of MX-2A(Thermal monocular) and i am almost done modeling it but as i am new to modding in general i need help with the configs and porting side of it because i don't even know where to start if someone could help me directly or point me in the right direction that would be great! also here is a render of what i have so far but it is not a finished project yet http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn170/tre543/mx-2a_render2_zpse51c4123.png (249 kB)