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  1. How about a non Steam version too? Can`t find the Carrier_Command_Patch_1_07_0025_Beta_SDK patch even here. Also, is that it? Have Bohemia stopped working on this? I was hoping that the Beta would be completed. Come on guys, many of us still love playing this game.
  2. Socratatus

    Finalizing 1.04 patch?

    Excellent news! Thankyou.
  3. Hmm. I`ve only played with the latest patch in strategy. I have never seen any docking problems in quite a few hours of gameplay. They dock when I tell them... However, I don`t use the keyboard commands as I prefer the Mouse interactions. Mantas not hitting turrets are interesting. I did find at one point the fault was mine as the Manta had actually run out of ammo! Are you sure it isn`t that? I agree about the Walrus, they do stop too far away and just point their turrets- that does need fixing. This seems to be because they have no real LINE OF SIGHT (like they think the brow of a hill is in the way). For now I just move them a little closer until they start shooting. The ++ - thing I don`t know about and don`t miss. My biggest issue is that the Walrus` still have some pathfining problems and need further fine tuning. It does mean a commander, for now, needs to keep an eye on his Mantas and Walrus until they release another Patch... Hopefully?
  4. 1.Custom paint and Logos, including naming your Carrier would be nice. 2.Also being able to preset equipment on a manta or Walrus, so you can quick-fit them. 3. An auto-return to base toggle would be nice if your vehicle is in danger of running out of fuel, especially for mantas. 4. A chance to take off your `eye camera strategic view` and just look about your Captain`s area to see the staff doing their stuff and check docking bays, etc, more clearly (that background view you can see). Even walking about the ship would be nice as it looks like all the mechanics are there (from the 1st person part of the game) to do it.
  5. You`re entitled to your view. I disagree with you 100%
  6. Some of these reviews are seriously unfair to the game. It`s like watching a classic movie getting grilled by the critics, but you know, in time, it`ll be seen as great.
  7. I really like the new version of Carrier Command. It still needs a little more patching, but very pleased with it. Good job. Just one thing that really bugs me is that I can`t personalise my carrier. I think it would be really nice to be able to NAME my carrier and add my own Personal LOGO on the side- heck even the ability to paint it! I`m in the thing for hours, would be nice to do this. How about it, Devs?
  8. Socratatus

    My experience so far

    The Strategy game is the REAL game. the Campaign is just to familiarise you with the controls and give you a small reason why you`re there. I played a a few missions of the Campaign then went strategy... But then again, I played the original so knew what to expect- and I`m very please with it for the most part.
  9. Socratatus

    My Copy Arrived Today!

    Hi all, new poster. :) I also just got the game and spent all day reliving my memories, but in a more real way! I pretty much agree here with the quote. I think the modern day CC is a great and faithful version of the old one. It does everything I remember the old one did with a LOT more. I suppose the fact that I`m now seeing a real nicely realised carrier (as I imagined it 20 years ago if technology was better), great landscapes, weather and even viewing staff in your Carrier has been more or less a dream I never expected come true. I guess the oldschoolers like me will appreciate it while the younger ones or those who never played it, won`t. I didn`t even find the Campaign all that bad (although I have only played 1.3), sure it`s not as smooth as today`s shooters, wouldn`t allow mouse button control config (and why is crouch -to -standing so weird?) but it played quite easily. The drones were EASY to take down and it never lasted long enough to be a pain. I didn`t even find the voice-acting to be all that bad... Being English and sounding common is how most English people sound! The Campaign did bug after I failed one mission and wouldn`t allow me to carry on the same Save, so I went to the Campaign mode. And I am very pleased with it. I would say that it would`ve been nice to name your Carrier and even place your own personal logo on it- A missed opportunity there. p.s. Having a non-steam version is greatly appreciated also.
  10. Oh, ok. Just got CC and noticed that the Walrus had some WP issues. It`s not too bad though, although I had to take over at one point. I think it`s an excellent remake by the way, being an oldschooler of the original! :)
  11. Is there a NON-Steam version of this? Not all of are on, or wish to be, tied to Steam. Good game by the way. Hope a proper Patch 1.04 will add further fixes. Thanks in advance.