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  1. Do you only get to play as a Spartan? It'd be weird to play one during Mombasa. Nah. Not hitpoints. Just more stamina and less felt recoil IMO. What are the new things? Falcon and snow units, right?
  2. So will the next version come out in the upcoming week, or the one after? What will the first release of OPTRE have?
  3. Will there be any Spartan 1s or would it be too complicated to add them? AFAIK, they'd just use black body suits or ODST armor, and would use normal human models. They'd just...have more stamina/carrying capacity and maybe less felt recoil.
  4. Very nice! Part of it probably has to do with there being no release of OPTRE yet. Once that happens, you"ll get new blood and old people from TEI.
  5. ltfrankie

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    For the needler, look up Halo CMT. I know they had a few different iterations of the Needler. As for the iron/holo sight debate: I would vote on no. Consider the fact there's already a "zoom" effect without using sights but still use the crosshair, and the fact that covenant weapons would have no bullet drop. Btw, you should try to make the weapons more like they were in the novels/more realistic and less like how they were in the game. In game, they're just meant to be balanced for an arcade shooter.
  6. It'd be nice to adjust them. I'd prefer the pouches to stay in their current colors though, instead of being all black regardless of camo.
  7. Could we have the medic armor not be all white and just have a red cross symbol on the shoulders? Or at least just have the helmet white? The torso wasn't white ingame, and I think it makes them stick out too much in a game where camo can matter. Otherwise, you guys are doing God's work. :D
  8. It's a shame one drawback of posting on a moderated message board is that you can't out right tell someone to fuck off or you'd get in trouble for "flaming". Definitely. I'd personally prefer the novel troopers over the movie ones, though. Powered armor FTW.
  9. ltfrankie

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    Grunt Majors would probably be the equivalent of a 'team leader', having 3-4 Grunt Minors below him. Then an Elite Minor or Major would be above him. That's not counting specops and stuff. It's been a while since I last played a halo game though.
  10. ltfrankie

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    I recommend you get a working Covenant weapon done, set up a modDB page and then try to form a team by looking for help and stuff. If you have something functional, people will take you much more seriously.
  11. They're probably working that out, but NMPD & Colonial Militia will likely be a thing. I figure it's low on the priority list right now though.
  12. The planned assets is for what things they plan to add to the mod. They"ll probably tweak what's already in game.
  13. I think it was H2A and H:R. The ones in H3/H:ODST/H:R already look pretty similar. Though I'm partial to Reach just because I like camo. Of course, we could always have normal black for night operations and then camo variants. I wonder that if they"ll stick to the Reach aesthetic, maybe they could get extra stuff from H:CEA? They both already have a very similar aesthetic, just with some slightly different things.
  14. ltfrankie

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    If this can be done, I think a true scale Elite can be done. It's just a matter of finding the talent.