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  1. there was on thing i didn´t like: all trees are standing around like nothing happens.... so i scripted a bit by myself: you need those lines: _dist=(1.754411*((_kT)^(1/3)))*1000; //_kT= Bomb in kT _ArrayT=(nearestObjects [_pos, [], _dist]); //_pos= Position of detonation ArrayT=[]; {if (typeOf _x == "") then {ArrayT set [count ArrayT, _x];};} forEach _ArrayT; place it for example in the init.sqf/nuke_countdown.sqf (it causes a lag of 1 sec + because of the huge data,but that shouldn´t be a problem at the start of the mission or on loadingscreen) so now i changed the shockawe.sqf a bit: i added two functions: tree and sw2 (you need to compile them etc. of course): tree: sw2: Tested with All in Arma :) I found a script error too.... in nuke.sqf you spawn a function called wind....but the name is reserved... so you have to change it e.g. wind2 in nuke.sqf and in nenvi.sqf EDIT: It seems to be more or less synchron to an 1kT explosion, otherwise it takes to long to finish the forEach command. I will try to make the script faster... I also found out that not only trees are affected... Also fences and light power poles are knockt over :)
  2. If you are a commander in high command you can use SITREP (Menu 0,1) to see the units you selected: But how can I display this SITREP via script? Thanks theone EDIT: Got it :) Here is the script (was kind of hard to find the function ;) so it might help someone...): _g=hcAllGroups player; //find all groups under high command player hcSelectGroup _g; //select them _t="SITREP" call BIS_HC_path_menu; //displaying SITREP sleep 0.1; showCommandingMenu ""; //you need this to delete the MENU poping up
  3. I tried to get the flashlight attached on the helmet work but L doesn´t work :( Is it only design? (but why are there different helmets like ech (light)?) I would love to see it working. theone
  4. Hi everyone, i tried to add smoke or cs gas ammo to a dingo. I tried addweapon, addmagazine, but it doesn´t work (only with HE). So I decided to add an EventHandler type "Fired" to the vehicle to create gas at the target (removing projectile etc). It works with Smoke but not for gas. "ACE_M7A3" createVehicle pos create a gas grenade and it seems to work but the gas has no effect on the player -.- Please help (or maybe there´s a easier way to add tear gas/smoke to a mounted GL?) Greetz theone BTW: Do you know if you can use IR Strobes in ACE for targeting as well? ---------- Post added at 21:07 ---------- Previous post was at 19:11 ---------- Ok I finished my script... My only problem is that the ace tear gas doesnt have any affect if used with createVehicle.... Any solutions? My script: Vehicle init: gl.sqf
  5. theone

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Hello, i wonder if the IR_Strobe_Target can mark objects for CAS like in Vanillia... I tried it in the editor, but can´t figure it out. Maybe you need a special laser code? Hope somebody can help.