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  1. So lets say I have 100 ammo boxes, do I need 100 different names for each one of those to execute this script?
  2. clearWeaponCargoGlobal this; ClearMagazineCargoGlobal this; Trying to call it in a seperate sqf file. Gives me this error: Error undefined variable in expression: this
  3. Hello, How do I use this addon in Multiplayer? Is it possible? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?161738-Fire-Fight-Improvement-System Thanks!
  4. Hi, So I want to disable the way the AI is "improved" but keep the features of fortify etc. to use it with Zeus AI. How would I do this? Thanks! :)
  5. Freddan962

    =BTC= Revive

    How do I disable the respawn button? I've looked into the configuration file. Can't seem to find anything.
  6. I used your code and it still didn't execute. Also, I have the show script error parameter but it doesn't show any. Grateful for more help! :)
  7. More or less code wouldn't matter if it doesn't want to execute.
  8. Edited, issue persists :<
  9. I don't need help with the code, as of right now, however I don't understand why the script (spawn.sqf) isn't executing.
  10. Hello, I've made a mission and a script but for some reason the script doesn't want to execute. spawn.sqf hint "Script has been executed"; _counter = 0; for "_counter" from 1 to 10 do { _x = floor(random 25); _y = floor(random 50); _xx = floor(random 50); switch (_x) do { case 1: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 2: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 3: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 4: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 5: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 6: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 7: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 8: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 9: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 10: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 11: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 12: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 13: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 14: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 15: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 16: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 17: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 18: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 19: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 20: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 21: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 22: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 23: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; case 24: {"USMC_Soldier_AA" createUnit [getMarkerPos "bluefor"]}; }; _counter = _counter + 1; }; init.sqf [] execVM "spawn.sqf"; Project files: http://filebeam.com/fdff362cc0f3f25454b332199b2a5904 I know it's badly written but it's just a placeholder while trying to figure this out. Please help me, I'd be grateful! :)
  11. Freddan962

    Execute script on trigger?

    Doesn't work for me. "Type Script expected nothing" Haha, sorry, forgot the null = part. Cheers! :)
  12. Hello, How would I execute a script whenever a trigger triggers?