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  1. Gents, ran into a problem the other day. Take the following scenario (all scripted, no editor / manual commands) Chernarus, Devils castle. A group of 10 AI spawned in the middle of the castle. I am checking the available buildings, and for these am checking the predefined positions in the buildings. Now i issue a "domove" for all my AI to get into these building positions. The problem here is: There are some walls in Devils castle, that have predefined positions, but these can not be reached (not unless in flight). The AI is trying to get to these positions, and fails - which leads to error messages in the rpt like: Out of path-planning region for R 1-1-B:1 (SAR_leader_2) at 2010.0,11727.2, node type Error R 1-1-B:1 (SAR_leader_2): Invalid path from [2008.35, 246.92, 11727.00] to [1975.49, 245.53, 11803.27]. The REAL issue now is, that IF this happens, the whole group gets stuck, no movement nothing. Questions: a) is there ANY functionality to check the validity of a path ? b) would a possible solution be to issue "moveto", and check for "movetofailed" or "movetocompleted" ? c) are there any possibilities to influence / query / adjust the pathfinding logic in Arma2OA ? Thx for a feedback, searched a while for similar issues but seems not many have run into this. Sarge
  2. what you want is kindof a reputation system with the factions. i would go for: - store bluefor and opfor kills on your character - based on that information, set your player to east or west the in-built rating system will not help you with what you want to achieve. The above solution demands a couple of things though, like e.g. if you ARE east, and shoot an east AI, ARMA lowers your rating, and by that at some point you are switched over to side enemy automatically. afaik rating doesnt get reset when you switch sides via a group join (untested), so you might need to implement a logic for that as well. Sarge
  3. Sarge


    Works like a charm here. Running a fully fledged AI system that is 100% dedicated serverside. Sarge
  4. I will need to look into this one. UPSMON (the adjusted version) is part of my AI framework (dynamic & static spawning of AI, based on a grid setup), and due to that relies on some other stuff in that fw. What i did fix/reimplement is: - optimized/implemented it to be run on dedicated servers only. - ability to remove a group from upsmon - ability to suspend upsmon for a group as long as needed - fixed the respawn logic (loadouts/ehs, removed the "inverting area coordinates" functionality etc.) - fixed a couple of bugs, cleaned up To make it clear - i don't intend to bash on the original script, without it a lot of people wouldn't have had the fun they had with AI. Let me see what the future and my time will bring, eventually i will take it on to host a new version on github, can't promise anything though. Thx & cheers, Sarge
  5. I may be totally wrong, BUT _kitarray = [["AK_107_kobra", "30Rnd_545x39_AK"],["SVD", "10Rnd_762x54_SVD"],["RPK_74", "75Rnd_545x39_RPK"]]; _kit = _kitarray select 0; Then _kit IS ["AK_107_kobra", "30Rnd_545x39_AK"] and not [["AK_107_kobra", "30Rnd_545x39_AK"]] Sarge, happy to be corrected if the above is wrong.
  6. Tbh i don't have the time for it. By now i heavily modded UPSMON, fixed a ton of bugs in there (try to run the UPSMON files through squint - you will have a real laugh ...), and have it mostly doing what i want. What i need to say is that the original UPS from Kronzky is a splendid piece of code ... It's the MON that is severely screwed up. cheers Sarge
  7. Only as long as you have stored the group object somewhere. Try to address that group via allgroups ....
  8. sry to revive an old post, but does anyone still have these 2 files ? Sa0k are you still active here ?
  9. Bug still existing in april 2013 ...
  10. Btw, this bug still does exist .... we have 2013. I move close up to an AI, the AI switches to the handgun, and does neither fire nor move anymore.
  11. Sarge

    Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Did you manage to implement the folding feature ? Planning it ? What about function references in Notepad++? Planned ? reason i ask is is still use the very old Arma Script recoded plugin, which has all these nifty features, and a bit more, but is lacking in the AR;A 3 new commands section :-) cheers Sarge
  12. solved. Trigger per car, 2 constant groups with a dummy unit in there for each side, switching players in and out of those constant groups.
  13. solution: use setidentity and define classes that have speaker set to "novoice". example: