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  1. If anyone is interested, I can upload the non-Steam 1_07_0025_Beta_SDK patch and post the link here. I kept most of the patches, so I can either upload that specific one or bundle them all into one compressed file. I still have: 1_03, 1_04, 1_05, 1_06, 1_07, 1_07_0023 Beta sdk, and 1_07_0025 Beta sdk. They come in handy when playing around with Deadly Islands and other mods.
  2. Ah, that explains it. I probably didn't read the accompanying material closely enough. Thank you very much for going to the trouble of checking this for me. Regards Peer
  3. No problem. Well, the mods I*m trying are: Deadly Islands, Deck Views, Nemesis Mod, and Sound Mod. I've tried several combinations (including single mods to see what would happen). Some combinations produce errors in the log, and some don't, but the result remains the same. By the way, I'm using Windows 7-64 and the non-Steam version of CCGM, patched to 1.07.
  4. Ah, thank you very much. I never got that far, I always cancelled first. Silly me.
  5. I have the problem that although the mod mixing runs without reporting any errors, the Start Game button remains greyed out and I can't start the game. Does anyone have an idea where I'm going wrong?
  6. I have a problem with Dealy Islands 1.18 (using CCGM patched to version 1.7.0023 and the correct Deadly Islands download version). I'm using the non-Steam game version. I get the new menu as described and start either a strategy or a campaign game. After going through the usual settup menus and starting the game I get the messages that a) Deadly Islands is enabled and b) that manual time warp is now possible. But this is immediately followed by the following line in red: 'deadly islands config file not found or incompatible - using defaults'. I can't find any config file, so I assume it's missing. I've re-downloaded the mod, but with the same result. Can anyone tell me what's wrong here?
  7. About this walrus and manta AI thing: My viewpoint is that it should stay as it is, apart from a bit of pathfinding optimisation. True to the spirit of the Amiga and Atari ST originals, the AI was never meant for greater purposes, it was just a matter of having the units move into a position until their presence is required, then you take over. I don't think I'd like the AI to be so sophisticated that I can practically lean back and watch the game as if it were a movie. I'd only feel half as involved as I do now. As I said, apart from a few tweaks the AI's mainly fine as it is. Please don't let it fight my battles for me. Perhaps it might even be best to remove any AI command options apart from point to point navigation and docking. That way nobody would feel something was missing or wrong.
  8. Although I'm very happy with the general state of the game in patch version 1.5.xxxx, the lighting bug does make the game almost unplayable. I've played through all patched versions, and this is the first time this has ocurred. I find myself constantly switching to the options menu to correct the gamma. This helps a bit, but not very much, and I've had to stop playing the game for the time being until it gets fixed. Drove my walruses off a cliff twice. This is not a complaint but more a request for the developers to get it fixed as soon as possible, especially now that the cause is apparently known. Still one of my favourite games ever.
  9. Thank you again for your replies. Sorry about the misunderstanding, my fault entirely. I had a closer look at the ToH patch notes and now realise that I'd misread them at the time of installation. I understand now that this 'bug' was actually a feature (and a gift). With this in mind I'll now have a closer look at what it can do. Thanks for the developers for including this. Looking at this in the new light it seems quite impressive. Please feel free to close this thread.
  10. My apologies, if this is not quite the correct section, but as my problem started after having installed CC:GM, it seemed most appropriate and perhaps someone might shed some light? I have the BI products ArmA-X box, Take on Helicopters, and Carrier Command: Gaea Mission installed (in that order). These are all on the same drive, but installed in different directories. Everything patched but completely vanilla, by the way. The weirdness started after I installed Carrier Command: 1) The tutorial missions of ArmA II now also appear in the tutorial section of Take on Helicopters (in addition to the normal ones belonging there), and they are playable from ToH! 2) The introduction screen of ArmA II now has the backdrop of Carrier Command, where the slow fly-by of the carrier of ArmA II should be. Everything is playable just fine, as far as I can see, so I'm not all that bothered, but has anyone come across something like this?
  11. Oh, I see. Thank you for the information. Even though it's intentional, it does leave me slightly puzzled concerning its purpose. So I can now fly the ArmA II helicopter tutorial missions (and only these?) using the ToH engine from within ToH, but this seems half-baked to me, unless the flight engine was also incorporated into ArmA II as a whole, which it doesn't seem to be. Also, commenting on that, I would have welcomed some sort of switch to be able to hide the non-ToH tutorials, especially as all ArmA II tutorials are also accessible this way, including the parachute, basic training, and tank tutorials . Very strange. As for my second problem, this seems to have disappeared. I can imagine it to have been some PC cache problem.
  12. npjnpj

    My Copy Arrived Today!

    I have to agree with wraith2021's point(s) of view. Having played CC on the Amiga and Atari ST all those years ago (and even now on Emulators), I think that BIS have done a great job, capturing the spirit of the original wonderfully. The path finding problems are not a concern of mine, the autopilot was always meant mainly for positioning purposes, and this it does relatively well, even if not by today's standards. Which brings me to my actual point: This game is of its own time. If it wasn't, it wouldn't be my beloved CC. And that's were the main problem lies. Most reviewers weren't around at the time, so you can't really blame them for 1) not understanding the game's spirit and 2) judging the game by it's perceived lack of speed (facepalm). Today's games thrive on furious fast-paced action and games such as CC compare unfavorably to twitch-fingered players who know no different. I think that in the light of this we can all be happy that CC:GM even exists and even though its appeal will be probably mostly limited to the original CC enthusiasts, we have to accept that it will not appeal to today's mass market. In that way it's probably doomed, but personally I can't emphasize enough how happy I am with it. If an occasional patch comes along: nice! But if not, I'm perfectly happy with the way it is. Many thanks to the developers and designers: Great job!