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  1. Hi I was able to play Arma 3 about 5 days ago before the new patch and it was fine but since the new patch my game will launch but then stays as a black screen or freezes on bohemia interactive logo part, so i try to use task manager to close it and it comes up with not responding then when i try to close it using task manager it wont full close the game and i have tried to redownload the game but still no luck. is there a fix for this or do i have to wait until they patch it?
  2. Hi everyone I am new to scripting and have been trying to make a Transport script working which I have manage to do but I need help to change what helicopter come and picks me up can someone please help. Here is the Script I have been using and it works: 1.Put a SOM module on the map 2.in its int field copy this: this setVariable ["settings", [[], true, nil, nil, false]]; to stop custom missions 3.Synchronise it to your soldier 4.create a trigger and in it copy this : [["Transport"], player, [[]]] call BIS_SOM_addSupportRequestFunc; Then you can use the support> transport I am trying to use a UH1 Gunship from the Unsung mod.