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    Take On Mars Pre-Order now available

    Just pre-ordered, thank you bohemia interactive for being such an awesome company.
  2. tubeyoumedia

    Vehicles faster offroad?

    Thx for all the replies, been testing stuff out the latest days, and none of these really result in what i want it to do, does anyone know if it is possible to make vehicles offroad as fast offroad, as fast on road? As TerrainCoef makes it for example, if the car goes 120 on road, it goes about 85 offroad.
  3. tubeyoumedia

    Vehicles faster offroad?

    Where do you put this lol? Im a little bit of a noob.
  4. tubeyoumedia

    Vehicles should be faster off road and in turns.

    I agree with you.
  5. tubeyoumedia

    Vehicles faster offroad?

    Ok thanks. Is terraincoef the same thing?
  6. Hello, I'm trying to make some cars go faster offroad(Almost like the same speed), so my question is, is there any methods to do this?, if so how? Yes, i've searched. Thanks Help would be grateful Best Regards, Tube
  7. tubeyoumedia

    Chernarus life HELP pls

    Did you add the item to "masterarray.sqf"?
  8. I did that, it just ends up it being red at the "Expansions" when you click the server once. Also, i looked it up and it seemed to be "Outdated"
  9. Hello, I've had that enabled the whole time, im kind of a noob at this.
  10. Hello, I've had this problem for quite a while and i decided to ask here. So my question is, how do i require mods from users to join the server? Many people i've asked said: Use mod=@themod on your dedicated server, now this didn't work. I tried uploading the mods required but still no. I've also looked trough the wiki, the content there didn't work either. So i'm asking you, how do i do this? An answer would be gratefully appriciated. Thanks. Tube