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  1. Sarge888

    ASR AI 3

    Im thinking im doing something wrong. I shoot on their position(1-2 rounds) from about 200m and they basically dont do anything. one may start to move but they seem to always stay in the relaxed state. Should they be guns up if they are being shot at? a small portion of the rpt with debug is at link below. maybe someone can find out whats going on because it seems they are not responding correctly. http://pastebin.com/d5yNyrNt
  2. Sarge888

    Sweet markers system

    Absolutely Fantastic Mod. i had such a moment when i found out this wasn't a hoax... This is how BIS should have made the marking system. Great work!
  3. is there anything significant about this line of text in the rpt - 17:54:29 "my_pv: MCC REGULAR - ["","",true,true,"","",1,"NOTHING","1","MOVE",[27054.3,23284.3,0],[204.357,111.686],111.686,"CIV",B Kingpin:1 (Cpl Latour) REMOTE,4,false,false,"Cpl Latour","DEFAULT",0,[0,0,0],0,0,0]" because my server crashes like right after it. IDK what to think, i dont think its MCC but i could be wrong. I am using alot of mods from my unit but still scratching my head as to why mcc is always the last line before crash(tested numerous times). Simple template with 2 zones populated with 15 rifle squads per zone on opposite ends of a town. after loading i move the zones into the town overlapping each other. everythings fine until the first shot or two goes off, then the server crashes. I mean 1-2 shot, always less than 10 secs after the start of a firefight. So my question is, why would MCC be the last line before crashing(last 2 lines actually, prob both the zones). ideas, explanation of above code?
  4. I tried this dll and i keep getting a "arma3.exe - Bad Image" ERROR. It says the DLL is not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. I checked to see if arma was able to use the SeLockMemoryPrivilege and my username is in the granted field o im not sure whats causing this. any ideas? also i get no error in my arma root directory. Update- Nvm i figured iot out. aparently you cant just right click the file in github and expect it to download the full file. only downloaded like 25kb. so i selected raw instead and now it starts up with no issues... now time to test and bench. :)
  5. possible bug/glitch just cleared/deleted all of my save 'Profiles'. Where exactly are they saving and why would they just disappear like that? IDK what i did to make them disappear but its very disturbing to find out that your saves may just randomly disappear.
  6. oh ya this issue i had as well.... seemed to remove the hijacked unit from his group as well.
  7. are there any plans to bring back the zone "angle"? It was hugely helpful when trying to create small precise zones within towns...
  8. MP, basically if im controlling an ai and I die as the ai then I return to my player. But then the ai respawnsat the default spawn for my player and then im forced to control the ai again but this time with no back to player option.
  9. IDK if this has been mentioned but anytime i hijack a unit and that unit gets killed(with me still controlling it) it seems to kick me out back to my own player(as id expect) but then the hijacked unit then spawns at the defined "BASE" and i get forced to control unit again without having a return to player option anymore. could this be due to Far_revive Script? thats the only explanation i can think of.
  10. Great mod and cat wait to test the new mcc(hvnt download yet). However i can't seem to get the init to work at all. I add it where u say but the server doesn't read it or somthing as I tried adding extra presets but didn't show up. Is this still broken on the new MCC or an I doin somthing wrong?
  11. Id first just like to say that i love MCC, Shay and Spirit have being doing a great job. I have found an issue that idk if it has been mentioned yet. When placing AAF(GUE)[indi?] they are not attacking or shooting players for quite some time. After some time they start to "Track the player(Watch him)" then after some mopre time they will start to be hostile. Is this a bug with MCC or Arma 3? again thx for all you guys do.
  12. Sarge888

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    Its looking amazing guys. cant wait to try it out...
  13. Im looking at starting a clan or community for Arma 3. I have a few friends who are very interested however none of us have any real military experience. So im hoping to find some players who have some military experience and would like to help me form a clan. I have a decent amount of experience managing clans(Website, Servers, Teamspeak, ect) but im new to the military concept and wouldnt mind having another founder who knows his stuff. Im looking at having a clan that isnt too realistic to the point that everything is very strict and rigid. Im aiming for something more like Shacktac's group. I want it to be fun and exciting but still have a mature structured group. So what im looking for is players who would like to take the challenge of helping creating a clan in the effort to make it a fun experience for new and experienced players alike. I can go on and on about what i have in mind but honestly id like to get some other ideas and suggestions on what would make a fun and engaging clan yet still have the realism and structure you would come to expect in an Arma clan. So if your up for the challenge and have the time to dedicate to it please get a hold of me so we can talk and find out if we both have the same goals and what not. Even if you have questions, hit me up on steam - Sarge888. I should also add that i live in the US
  14. Sarge888

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    The MCC trigger generator cant be set to execute a script can it? I tried creating one then entering a command while in capture mode but it just executed the command and didnt save to the capture.
  15. Sarge888

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    oh wow thx, iv been searching everywhere for this but i never thought to look in the main atrma 2 stuff. thought this was mcc specific lol. thanks again....