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  1. Kettlewell

    Current weapon type

    Thanks for the reply Tonic but what I specifically mean is retrieving the current active weapon, which ever the unit is holding in his hands and from the look of these though I will test them, these will return a value as long as the unit has a weapon in the slot, active in hands or not.
  2. Is there a way to retrieve the current active weapons type, such as primary, secondary or handgun?
  3. Kettlewell

    AI issues

    I grouped them up to make them independent since there are no real independent units yet but as you can see there is a problem with AI at short ranges under such a scenario.
  4. Kettlewell

    AI Improvement

    Love the AI
  5. Kettlewell

    AI issues

    What's wrong with the AI? I have civilians grouped with an independent and have independent and west friend set as 0 to both sides. The guys close won't fire but the guys far will? The video quality is crappy but my mission was intensive so I couldn't push up the frame rate despite having a very nice PC so I apologise. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4-Q2c3dXJc
  6. Kettlewell

    [Alpha] F.O.B. PvP

    [Alpha] F.O.B. PvP v1.0 Mission: Your task in the mission is simply to capture the enemies FOB and kill any enemy combatants on sight. Details: Tasks and locations added to ensure you can identify your targets/capture points. How to play diary entry Respawning vehicles and helicopters. 1 none armed helicopter for both sides. Capture/Stop capture points. Virtual Ammo Box. BTC revive script. Minefield between FOBs. Equal land vehicles per side. Respawn point gets pushed back when your FOB is being captured. NPCs based at FOBs. A working intro with music. Parameters to change weathers, gameplay, skip intro. 2-40 players. TDM/Capture the point style gameplay. NATO and Iranian roadblocks. Zone restriction to keep people within the combat area. You cannot capture the enemies FOB while yours is being captured. Uses ASCOM framework (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19804) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?evncn8u4wp1z4jv http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19908
  7. Kettlewell

    ASCOM Framework Release

    Got used to this, it's unbelievably good and useful so thank you, I'll be using this on ever mission with saving myself hours of headaches.
  8. I'm looking at your framework trying to identify how it works so I can use it. My problem is that with publicvariables it seems you need to have a variable defined client side such as for mine, CapRed = 1; publicVariableServer "CapRed"; Though CapRed is useless, I just wanted to cause the server to set off a function and that function in return is supposed to do a public variable to send the new capture point variables to all the clients but it just won't work out for me.
  9. In Arma 2 this was pretty easy using publicvariables but in Arma 3 it's just not working out for me. How can I retrieve some booleans and integer values from the server? If someone actually knows how to use publicvariables to send to the server and back to the client I would be most grateful because it's driving me bloody insane.
  10. Kettlewell


    I haven't initialized it in the client.
  11. Kettlewell


    Bumping this up once to see if anyone can assist, still stuck on the same issue.
  12. Kettlewell


    Are using publicvariables the only way to retrieve variable data from the server to the client or to call a file on the server with a command on the client? Because these public variables aren't working and it doesn't seem anyone knows why. Thank You.
  13. Kettlewell


    The code runs around 20-40 seconds in game depending on how fast someone can run to the cap.
  14. I wondered if anyone could check out my code to spot what mistake I'm making. Client\CaptureIran.sqf object = _this select 0; activator = _this select 1; //if (side activator == east) exitWith { hint "You cannont capture your own FOB." }; if (IranCapture) exitWith { hint "The FOB is already being captured." }; if (IranInCooldown) exitWith { hint "You cannot attempt to capture the FOB again yet." }; publicVariableServer "CapRed"; Server\Init.sqf CaptureIran = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "server\CaptureIran.sqf"; "CapRed" addPublicVariableEventHandler { _name = _this select 0; _params = _this select 1; _params spawn CaptureIran; }; The problem is that CaptureIran.sqf on the server does not get ran, I checked the RPT file to find zero errors and I have added some debug code at the start of the file but it doesn't show up meaning it isn't getting ran. I appreciate any help that someone can give.
  15. Domi is a brainless mission? The coding and tasks rival the best arma 2 missions so I wouldn't call that brainless. There was a reason it was so popular.