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  1. It sounds like the problem we are having. We are going to give that a look and see what happens.
  2. We are 100% sure, it is very weird. We've also tried another teamspeak server and the same happens, Teamspeak clients start crashing once there are a number of players in the channel. Crashes seems to happen faster if everone is in the same channel.
  3. ACRE for Arma 3 continually crashes everyone on Teamspeak once we reach a number of player on the server. This doesn't happen for Arma 2. This is the crash logs for Teamspeak: https://db.tt/HcFXZhvb Hopefully we can have a quick solution to this as we are getting really tired of being unable to play Arma 3 with a large number of people, making things like mission nights impossible.
  4. ocbaker


    Nope, I've noticed that Steam Subscriber content is downloaded every time you start the game, or at least this is what happens to me.
  5. With the update of CBA what news do we have on ACRE?
  6. Good to know! Hopefully it will not be much longer for the CBA team as Idle Chatter in the channel is really getting on everyone's nerves! haha.
  7. Hey, do we know if ACRE will work in the Alpha (after updated of course) CBA team said they were missing things and I am just praying that this isn't the case for ACRE.
  8. I would love to see everything but to me most critical is the maps. I would love to see the maps ported over to Arma 3 so we have more area to play on.