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  1. Despite Xbox patch on release there are still problems with save corruption and glitched unobtainable achievements. As I know from friend US version already has 3 glitched achievements from main campaign (for destroying career, finishing game and some 3rd story related). I'm playong on EU vers. so will check this evetually on myself.. And still game can without any reason corrupt saves and statistics file, like it happened to me. Durring campaign (around 5-6th island) at some point when I tried to save, error msg. poped saying that I don't have free space on HDD (but I had almost 70 GB's) and from that point I wasn't able to load any save, even from beginning of campaign and what better I started new campaign and wasn't even able to save anymore, always getting same HDD error. I checked on other games so it wasn't matter of disk failure. I had to delete all game remains from hard disk, clear cache and now I'm starting all over.