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    RH PDW pack

    are there any plans to update this or drop some configs for any of the accessory packs please?? FHQ and joint rials would be great for a start. Cheers love this little beast.
  2. MrBisto

    RH PDW pack

    Great work! ---------- Post added at 19:50 ---------- Previous post was at 19:40 ---------- just to point it out no biggy but KAC PDW and H&K mp5 PDW as featured in rainbow are different guns, rogue spear was around a while before KAC released their PDW or started concept project for 6mm ammo even...
  3. this is awesome. thank you'll very much.
  4. MrBisto


    much appreciated.
  5. thanks for teh reply i got it sorted. :bounce3:
  6. Hi people, I've been trying to get a custom mission to run on my server involving fullujah map but when i try and run it teh server starts up same as it does for zarg / chern but when i join to push it off creating i get "...../fullujah1_2.pbo" are not signed buy a key accepted by this server..... Message comes up no matter what i try. I'm running fullujah on my pc via mod folder method and its in stalled on the server in @fullujah1_2 and its told to run in the comand line as "-mod=-mod=@fallujah1_2" Im probably trying to do it completely wrong its my first time trying to host a mod map on the server and i've tryed to goole what to do but had no luck finding the answer. Any help is much appreciated.