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  1. I'm getting back into Arma after about a year or so of being away. Can anyone please try to give me some help in how to log into the store to download my copy of operation arrowhead ( i purchased regulare arma 2 over steam) I purchased Operations Arrowhead from the sprocket store a long time ago and in the meantime, uninstalled all the files and the sprocket down loader. Now, when i try to log into the BI store, it tells me the email address isn't in database when i try to do username reset and when i try to make new account it tells me email is in use. I remember the email i used to create sprocket account and it is the same as my forum account. Can anyone assist me in logging into the store? Thank you
  2. BoltboxerPro

    Hint when all missions done

    I had this problem till a guy called LockJaw-65- showed me his script. It selects each mission randomly, once and gives you a hint when its done. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?152082-Make-objectives-random&p=2360085#post2360085
  3. For my new campaign, I got to work changing the textures and armor of the default SUV. So the easy work is done- now comes the fun part. I want to change the side from all the default ones the SUV comes with (civ, uno, taki army, pmc) to just one that has its own custom name. The only problem is that i need some insight on how to change the faction to my own unique one. The code under me was pulled from the end of "CfgVehicles.hpp". WHat do I have to change here to make it my own? class SUV_TK_CIV_EP1 : SUV_Base_EP1 { scope = public; crew = "TK_CIV_Takistani01_EP1"; typicalCargo[] = {"TK_CIV_Takistani01_EP1", "TK_CIV_Takistani01_EP1", "TK_CIV_Takistani01_EP1", "TK_CIV_Takistani01_EP1", "TK_CIV_Takistani01_EP1"}; rarityUrban = 0.8; faction = BIS_TK_CIV; side = TCivilian; }; class SUV_TK_EP1 : SUV_Base_EP1 { scope = public; rarityUrban = 0.8; side = TEast; faction = BIS_TK; crew = "TK_Soldier_EP1"; typicalCargo[] = {"TK_Soldier_EP1", "TK_Soldier_EP1", "TK_Soldier_EP1", "TK_Soldier_EP1", "TK_Soldier_EP1"}; }; class SUV_UN_EP1 : SUV_Base_EP1 { scope = public; rarityUrban = 0.8; side = TGuerrila; faction = BIS_UN; crew = "UN_CDF_Soldier_EP1"; typicalCargo[] = {"UN_CDF_Soldier_EP1", "UN_CDF_Soldier_EP1", "UN_CDF_Soldier_EP1", "UN_CDF_Soldier_EP1", "UN_CDF_Soldier_EP1"}; }; }; If it helps, here is the config.hpp #define private 0 #define protected 1 #define public 2 #define true 1 #define false 0 #define TEast 0 #define TWest 1 #define TGuerrila 2 #define TCivilian 3 #define TSideUnknown 4 #define TEnemy 5 #define TFriendly 6 #define TLogic 7 enum { STABILIZEDINAXISX = 1, STABILIZEDINAXISY = 2, STABILIZEDINAXESBOTH = 3, STABILIZEDINAXESNONE = 0, }; #include "CfgPatches.hpp" #include "CfgVehicles.hpp" Thanks!
  4. It doesn't show you because you are in the harder difficulties. If you switch over to the first 2 easiest it will show you your position and other peoples/vehicles positions on the map
  5. This might seem like a stupid question, but how do you make the screen turn black? I just need a couple of seconds of black fade as i switch cut scene, teleport my units or that kind of stuff. Is there a line for it that can be added to a trigger or script? Thanks!
  6. Easiest way to probably do it would be like XxAnimusxX said it, make a trigger. Make a trigger and in the condition put Then on activation write: Then to get the text just go to effects and add a simple, text. make sure you name your vehicle in its Name box and do this for each vehicle. make sure each vehicle has a different name and the name is the same in the condition and activation fields
  7. BoltboxerPro

    Will Arma 3 replace Arma 2?

    Arma 3 just doesn't feel good for me. It takes all of the things I enjoy about arma 2 like the countless glitches, retarded ai, the balance and shear fun of playing a2 and replaces it with this futuristic style gameplay. I've tried Arma 3 for a short while but I'm definitely sticking with Arma 2 for the next ten years.
  8. BoltboxerPro

    LHA Editing Problem

    For the height thing, which codes are you using for spawning objects on the LHD. Make sure you are using If you are using the set height without ASL it will vary from place to place on the carrier. Maybe that can solve the issue. For the night issue, theres several lighting scripts that help
  9. BoltboxerPro

    Mission Edit Issue

    It might be that they scripted the mission to spawn or move the players later. I've never seen a life mission in editor but you might have to go into scripts to edit the things.
  10. BoltboxerPro

    Lights control

    Nvm, my answer was for arma 2. Can't figure how to delete this comment
  11. Easiest way would probably be to download and open up the Chernarus or Takistani life mission files and see how they did it.
  12. http://i1338.photobucket.com/albums/o694/BoltboxerPro/ArmA2OA2013-03-3018-50-09-59_zpsf759eb40.png (464 kB) Does anyone have any idea whats wrong with this? I'm trying to add a window dialog into my mission but whenever I link the paa image in the mission folder to the dialog.hpp it doesn't show up for any image. All the images I'm trying to show were screen caps via Fraps at 1600x900 resolution. Does anyone know something I could be doing wrong or anything better to do? Thanks!
  13. BoltboxerPro

    Make objectives random?

    Thanks LockJaw, that's going to be work well for a Police-style mission. Thanks for the help.
  14. I've been searching around for this but there appears to be almost nothing on it. I'm wondering how do you make objectives random? For example, I have five different target around the map, but I want them to spawn separately, so at the beginning of the mission you get one of the several targets as your objectives, then once that objective is done you get another one, but in random order? Does anyone have any insight on how that would work? Thanks!