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  1. Well i think that main goal of this mod is to show the Polish part of war.Early stage was the only one when our army was using its own equipment,vehicles and uniforms.after that it was just British or russian stuff.For recreating battles of Western front (or more like making misions based on them) we can use I44 but there is no good replace for Polish army from '39.Same thing goes with AK Im not saing that we need resistance units now. I just want Makers to consider making them in distant future.
  2. Yeah- To bring all nations under one banner ! Wait, its 1939, we re not "allies" with russians yet. Topas, one question- are you guys planing to make resistance units ? there was a mision with AK in our community yesterday and long story short- only "civilians" avalible are NAPA guys from A2. There are so many uses for WW II type resistance. And if you make that you would be the only mod with it. That would give you guys huge attention.Imagine Warsaw uprising in game or all these actions that we were told about as little kids.
  3. That...That actually looks good. Sorry for laughing and all that stuff on our site. One thing- could you make the stomach/back area of the combat shirt black ? as on our current er.... Fleece Jackets ? Is that correct word ? (Polary których teraz używamy) It would look awesome.
  4. You may not know me but i know you.Well, sort of.So beware becouse we never forget. (dramatic music) Wiercik ! We've ben compromised, abort mission !
  5. Pax, is that you ? How is A3C going ?
  6. Tes

    future marines

    Becouse they re exatly these ones from the alpha. All units mods are just textures now, as noone changes models yet. You should make this coyote brown. FR all the way !
  7. Awesome stuff Topas. Rodacy sÄ… z Ciebie dumni
  8. Which setting i have to change in ACE to let this thing work ? I cant find it. I have Polish version so someone probably screwed something with translation. Which one is this ? Is it in Clippi or in game settings ?
  9. Poland,please do Poland,not for me or you, for motherland.Think about it- The first fully made modern army in ARMA 3. And it will be OUR army.You will maybe get a medal from MON for promoting our armed forces.POLAND STRONG ! Please take one vote from modern weapons in the poll and give it to Polish Army. Its my vote, ive been a fool few hours ago
  10. Tes

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    So, that means bigger bang, right ? Personally i dont mind the recoil as long as it will make AI harder to hit us too. Now they're damned robots. Dumb but with Xrays instead of eyes and can shot off fly's wings on 700 m
  11. Tes

    Movement Bug

    Another one- Randomly when running soldier cant stop. Just like he lost brakes. stering only via mause- keyboard is no use. Disconecting and connecting again fixes this... until next time
  12. Tes

    ARMA 3 OPFOR Discussion Thread

    Or its simply AFTER the war with israel. Its 2030 and the situation is pretty tense right now. 20 years is plenty of time.Maybe Palestine is nuclear wasteland by this time. How the new empire was created ? muslims are now a big trouble,Look what is happening in London or Paris.During next 10 years things may be that bad that we will have to get rid of them.What will happen ? nobody knows. BIS version is that we won this battle (but we also suffered big loses) and Muslims had to run away from europe. Now its 2030 they regrouped under one banner (nothing brings together more than enemy) and are pissed off.Looks like World War III to me.
  13. Tes

    ARMA 3 OPFOR Discussion Thread

    http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/418/arma3worldblocs.jpg So,Poland and Russia are buddies again. Did EU finaly crashed in this timeline ? I understand leaving The New Soviet Union (or EU as other call it) but NATO ? We're pretty much the last loyal ones to the alliance.When i last checked we and russians were enemies.We re always enemies and i dont think we would be together unles there were some serious changes in that country.Maybe its simply to piss of the germans who want their money back (takiego wała) Will germany invade us again ? Who will antarctica support ? Now it looks like there 3 "empires" the bad mediterranean guys.african muslims and china, The good west- yankees and western europe and the independent slavs minding their own buisness (probably east west cooperation to get rid of the "axis of evil") Wait, i forgot. Russia is not going to be in first relase right ? So, we re waiting for DLC.Then you'll see what badass means
  14. WHY DID YOU TOLD HIM ? WHY ? now we'll never get this mod. Seriously what you did is already amazing. Cant wait till its done. First mission we're going to do is Heartbreak Ridge on Lingor
  15. Tes

    Real Damage for Arma 2

    Hi Murcielago, i'm glad you're back So... you got your time. Now, what you re thinking about our gameplay improvement concept ? those 2 shot changable plates ?