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  1. oliie

    ruPal AK holding

    It would actually be pretty cool if the animation changed based on whether you have the combat pace on. Basically, the mag grab would be for combat pace on (for CQB) and the regular would be for combat pace off (regular medium-long range engagements).
  2. Laxemann, is it possible that you could make it a little bit more like in Bad Company 1? Here's the vid that showcases it https://youtu.be/ATNsEtJI65g?t=3m6s Basically, what I mean is that the rear iron sight isn't static but actually slightly shakes (or maybe vibrates is a better word). It could be at all times, or maybe only under fatigue? What do you think?
  3. oliie

    SR-25/EC Release!

    Hi Kiory! If you're still looking for sounds I have some decent ones. Free. Suppressed shots included.
  4. oliie

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Nice mod, but I have some questions 1. Are the gun mechanisms supposed to be heard in 3p view or is it something wrong on my side? 2. The supersonic crack cone is very wide, basically standing anywhere that's on the "dangerous" side of the muzzle seems to sound as it the shots were going directly at you and at the exact same volume regardless of distance. Is this intended or just a bug?
  5. oliie


    Sudden, would you be interested in some better custom sounds for your guns? PM me if you are interested.
  6. I've been looking for more than an hour through A3 files in order to find the plane/heli countermeasure flares sound (I intend to replace it) but can't find it anywhere. Can somebody help me out?
  7. oliie


    Any chance on adding PP-2000?
  8. oliie

    Sham's M16A4 Pack Port

    Hey Sham, can you make the m16a4 texture less dark? Right now it's pitch black.
  9. I also get the error. Can you update the mission for the beta?
  10. It probably might be closed due to breaking law but I think only in case this was genuine stealing of some commercial work on which someone has intended to be making money. Like if you ripped another game's model. But I don't think it should be a problem with youtube. Again, so long as the original author didn't put any restrictions on use or doesn't want it taken down. And if you're not making money off someone else's creation without permission it's not really breaking law. If modders mod for free and share their work also for free, then the resources are severely limited and I'd say youtube is one important place to get things. I mean if you think about it, then the whole modding thing is in most cases breaking the law. If you make an M4 you're technically breaking a law unless you pay Colt for the license to use it in the game or rename it and change some things in the model. Yet we see models of real guns and vehicles. Do their manufacturers care about it? No.
  11. I've already seen a lot of mods taking content from youtube videos and I'm sure almost all of them took it without proper permission. Why would it be a problem if you see a video of some rifle firing and decide to use the shots in your mod? It's not like you're claiming it your own or making money from it. I think in most cases simply crediting the person who made that thing would be enough. Unless a specific restriction of not using it anywhere without permission was made or the person wishes that the modder removes it, it should be all good.
  12. May I ask why ripping from youtube isn't ok? I mean, so long as you're not ripping some sounds that are specifically forbidden from being used in mods or whatever, I don't see why would that cause any copyright problems.
  13. Basically, what I would want to do is to be able to somehow lock the camera to the side in freelook mode (alt button) and be able to control my soldier while still seeing him from the side. The camera doesn't have to move with him, but I need to control the soldier myself. Is it possible to do this? Fix the camera to some place but retain control over the character?
  14. oliie

    M16A4 Example

    How about doing it like in Project Reality? Normally the gun would be held more or less like it is now, but once you aim down the sights, the hand moves onto the receiver. Would that be possible to do?
  15. Alright, I tested it and here's my feedback: * the wooden texture seems a little too bright and orangey, and also low res * what about the texture for metal? Some black coating would do nice. I think even matte will do. * the sounds are somewhat low quality. I've actually checked inside the .pbo and it seems that only the 3rd shot is low quality and the game for some reason plays only this one. The first 2 are good, but they seem to be not included in the rotation. The ping sound is also low quality and hardly audible.