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  1. it was a glitch i started the mission again and this time waited outside the complex for the message to come and after the message i went in and it is all working fine
  2. hi no i take the island (vattland) and then i have to do a 2nd mission where i have to get the missile from the research facility ( i already got the launch system) and as i enter the complex and go down some corridoors it cuts to the dridge where i get a message from that woman and the asian commander takes over the comunication and says how his carrier is more advanced ect and then the game loads and i am in the carrier and i can move the carrier around i can not get onto the global map to get to other islands and i can not launch units and use any weapons on the ship i have to disable the scrambler i have tried to get ship close enough to see it the weapons fire on it automaticly but no joy i have spent hrs going round but no joy !!!
  3. i mean scrambler not scramber ;-)
  4. hi is the game bugged or am i a noob i have to deactivate the scramber all i seem to be able to do is move the ship around the island can not use my units and weapons on the ship please help !! regards darral