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  1. Claystone

    Can't get online with Mods.

    That is my point i was saying. One mission supported CBA and TFR which i had but i still couldn't get on. They were the only mods active and i couldn't get on. I thought if i had the same mod as what the mission supported i would be able to join. For some reason i can't.
  2. Claystone

    Can't get online with Mods.

    It seems i can't jump into a online game unless i remove my "Mods". I tried to join an online game mission that had the expansions for CBA and TFR which i also have activated, but when i try to join the mission it gives me this dialog box from the game and then i get kick off!?!?!? Now i know the modes work because i've used them. I have to completly remove all my "Mods" and then i can get on just fine. Does anyone know what the problem could be? It defeats the purpose to get mods if i can't use them in multi player. Thanks
  3. Claystone

    How to find a server with Zeus enabled?

    Thanks for the info. Yes i'm on Dev branch. Been playing around with the game.
  4. How would i find a multiplayer game by Zeus. I was looking in the server to join one as a player on the ground but couldn't find any. Maybe I'm missing something?
  5. Claystone

    Where can I download the DLC?

    Hey fellas, Where can i download Zeus? I was watching a youtube video and the guy said where to go to download Zeus but it was hard to make out what he was saying....something with branch i believe he was saying. Any help. I like to try this DLC out.
  6. Claystone

    Question on Task Force Radio

    Ok, yeah i set up i believe the 2nd mod where i had CBA installed along with TFR. With that install i put the files in TS plugin folder. One last question on the TS item. 1. So when in the game i need to get the "Host" of the mission TS channel to load into my TS to be able to talk in game?
  7. Hey fellas getting back into Arma and i had a question on the Task Force Radio mod. I just want to make sure i'm doing this right because for some reason last night i was having a hard time getting it to work. 1. When entering a multiplayer game with the mod activated do i need to be on the "Missions" TS channel to be able to in the game with the Task Force Radio? 2. Now its states on the Task Force Radio site, to talk in game you need to hit "push to talk" key when talking off radio. What key would that be? It can't be my "Cap Lock" key since that is for my radio. Would it be my new VON key? I'm a little confused. 3. When talking on the radio and i hit my "cap lock" key to talk, do i need to hold the "cap lock" key down to talk or do i need to press it once to talk and press it again to stop talking? Thanks fellas
  8. How to use or find your "Interaction Keys". I did a search here but it didn't say. I read somewhere else that the interaction key is: 1. ACE Interaction Key (default left-windows). 2. ACE Self Interaction Key (default right-windows). I'm not a computer guy so what is "default left and right window"? What keys are these on my laptop. Edit: yes i have ACE Mod as well. Thanks
  9. Ok, The help I recieved has help a lot in getting things going. Thank you. I wanted to add some other questions: 1. How do you heal yourself? (I was in an online game and was injured but I couldn't heal myself nor did anyone else heal me.) 2. How are you able to type text in the game? 3. What is "Squad URL" mean and what is it used for? 4. What is "Player ID" mean and what is it used for? Again Thanks
  10. I like to get a better understanding of how the folders work for Mods so here is my question: 1. When "Mod Folders" are placed in the Steam/steamapp/common/arma2OA/ its going to work for singleplayer mode? And when you place the "Mod Folders" in the document/arma2 folder its to work with multi-player? Is this correct? This question is about working Arma with teamspeak. 1. When playing online with a game that requires teamspeak, does my teamspeak application need to be open on my desktop? 2. Do I also need to hit the connection button on teamspeak as well? (btw, on a side note I tried to connect with a server off of teamspeak and it just gives me a blank page. I also put in a mission code from a game and got a failed messeage from teamspeak.) This question is regarding the 343 radio or any radio. All I had was the 343 so far. 1.How is it used? I know how to bring it up with Lctrl/Lshift/x. I know how to change the channels and vol, but how do you talk on it?
  11. Ok, was able to get into a game through Play with Six.
  12. Thanks for the help fellas, i understand. Harzach, very good advice.
  13. Thanks, I'll try this. Btw, this was how i tried to lauch before. I had this type into my steam launcher. -mod=@CBA;@CBA_A2;@CBA_OA;@ACRE;@ACE;@ACEX;@ACEX_RU ;@ACEX_SM;@ACEX_USNAVY;@brg_africa;@chn_crocodile; @csj_snake;@fallujah;@faysh_khabur;@ibr_dtowns;@ib r_lcivilians;@ibr_plants;@ibr_rn;@isla_duala;@Ling or;@MBR_Buildings2;@Mbg_gen_afr_buildings;@opx_obj ects
  14. Claystone

    To Help us Beginners

    Thanks. Yeah, i'm new to this game, just picked it up last week and it has been a journey trying to learn as much as i can and practice it as well. I figure i'll pass along some info that helped me along the way. The gameplay was easy to pick up, its the behind the scene stuff that i'm working on. lol, my sticking point that I'm stuck at is getting in online games...lol