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  1. Given more thought and because I think it has happened to me, do you think you might be over torquing the engine? edit, sorry, noticed you mentioned you have you eye on the torque indicator...
  2. @Max Power Thanks very much, your input on the altimeter was the answer and now after completing the mission it seems so obvious!
  3. What I find so funny (not laughing at you VentZer0 btw) is that I prefer manual starts too as a bit of a challenge and when I started this mission, I only started 1 engine! Is there two in the UH1? My sequence is a little different (not saying it's correct), but if you want to try: 1. Battery on; 2. Starter on (wait for 12% torque); 3. Throttle to idle (wait for 65% torque); 4. Starter off (wait 15 seconds); 5. Throttle to Full. Off I flew without a problem.
  4. Well "Fail" time makes more sense than what I thought was "Fall" time. You mention green markers in my virtual instruments. I have 5 virtual instruments in front of me from left to right, as I interpret them: 1. Speed in km/hr; 2. Not sure what this is?; 3. Artificial horizon; 4. Rate of climb/descent?; 5. Bearing. I am still having trouble understanding from here what my objectives are. You mention green so I look for anything "green" to help me on the instruments but I got to tell you the reason I'm failing is as clear as mud.
  5. I have Colonel Kane telling me to keep it steady and then contradict himself by saying I'm too high or low now - I'm Confused!! :mad: Then there is the Fall Time counter which I have no idea what's for. What does it mean when it reaches 30/30? :confused: I'm failing this mission here and I have absolutely no idea why!
  6. Hi VentZer0 Since there is near to zero activity in this forum about op Longbow I thought we might huddle together for warmth (figuratively speaking!) I am also in Op Longbow as you are but I didn't experience your specific issue, I am further along with an issue of my own but I thought I might assist where I can. You say "starting up the heli like it should be done". I don't mean to insult you as I am troubleshooting only, but what is your start-up sequence in case there is something you might be doing differently to me? It may be a long shot but let's start here anyway.