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  1. Marlit

    Cheating AI?

    AI is using ESP and AIMBOT by default. Try missions on easy or what ever dificulties is there, set it on lowest. When making a mission you can set skill low or high for AI..
  2. Marlit

    Stratis-RP: Ultimate

    I played on most high pop servers yesterday and diferent missions, also tried all Ultimate hosted servers. I think its something to do with host, because even with many players on the server my frames were sometimes about 30 and other servers only between 10-15.. Anyway, I am looking forward to your Stratis Ultimate. I think its gonna be huge :) and I will enjoy playing it.
  3. Marlit

    Stratis-RP: Ultimate

    oh noes, thats what I was afraid of !
  4. Marlit

    Stratis-RP: Ultimate

    How come I only find out about this only now? Cant wait to play this. Just one question: how is frames on this mod/mission? Is it the same as Stratis Life and Wasteland, or is it better?
  5. Marlit

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Is just me or someone else have this weird fps thing: Wasteland- Autodetect(would be between medium and hidg): 10-15 fps Low: up to 10 fps But now this, when I set on very high, or ultra, I get 20-25 ???
  6. Marlit

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    1500 replays hundreds suggestions and not even one confirmation with evidence that fps tweaks works? Are you guys just trolling here?
  7. Tried to play a bit yesterday... It was impossible. Constant frame drops and the worst thing TROLLS. Everyone just shooting each other and spamming global. Players login as Swat and kill everyone, throwing nades and sniping... Are you goig to pasword the server, or will it stay public?
  8. Loged to "youtubers" server yesterday, just to find out that its being nucked all the time. Most servers I log in, I die from explosions, or nocliping and rapid fire.. kids like to troll. Its imposible to test this alpha. Bad FPS in multiplayer + Trolls = me watcing Discovery instead of playig :)
  9. When the server will be up? I have played yesterday for an hour or so. Cant wait to play again.
  10. Marlit

    [TDM][CTI]Desolate Team Warfare -64

    Looks nice, but no one is hosting.. And I dont know how to use that "paperdoll"
  11. Well, sorry, I was kinda making a shortcut in finding someone native speaking, who plays other arma series than A2. And yes it may look like spamming and such, but even google wasn't much help..
  12. Well done. Tik norejau paklaust ar kas zaidzia Arma 3. Savo arma 2 acc atidaviau.. zodziu ieskau lietuviu su kuriais galeciau pazaist A3. Turiu TS. Su zaidimo mechanika susipazines, bet esu visiskas newb :)
  13. Same here. I played Dayz a little. Didn't like it.. Tried Domination and I loved it. But Arma 3 at the moment is a disaster for me ! SP I can play on high/very high settings, MP lags on low settings. Even if I join a server with less players and "ok" lag, people just act like dicks there.. The main activity is to TK or destroy ammo boxes. This is no fun at all :(
  14. If someone could tell me how to make day time on this mission. I am a noob and hate playing at night.
  15. Nice mod, like teleporting feature. How do I get day time?