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    [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala

    Well, I suggest you use the F18's machinegun, since to get the boats to explode you need to destroy all the fixed AA pods places on the boats, use the zoom for this matter.
  2. ptarmaguy

    [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala

    Much love for the new release, I'll try this out soon :) EDIT: DISREGARD
  3. ptarmaguy

    [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala

    Glad to hear that. I love this campaign.
  4. ptarmaguy

    [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala

    Thanks for the quick response Rough Night, i'll be waiting for the next version then :) I'm also having trouble destroying the ships on the mission "Navy Blues", where I use all my payload accurately on the ships but nothing happens. UPDATE: I've got 1.4 MARSOC and it still happens.
  5. ptarmaguy

    [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala

    2013-01-01 14:19 Posted by ptarmaguy "I'm getting a problem in "Operation Sparrow": When the mission finishes loading and the map shows up an error message is displayed: Campaigns\carrieroperations-duala\missions\Mission6.isladuala\mission.sqm\Mission/Groups/Item52/Vehicles/Item0.vehicle: Vehicle class mar_msot_tldr_11 no longer exists No marines are in the chopper, and no doctor aswell, nothing happens once I get to the NCT HQ, so yeah, how can I fix this?" Wonder if I can fix this.