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  1. Ohh... Massive thread!!! A bit scary to dig into that but THANKS!
  2. I have searched around but the answer seems hard to find on this: How make a trigger to react when a building is destroyed in the Eden editor? (The goal is to create a demolition-task.) Thanks in advance!
  3. Here comes an update note! All my earlier FCSP missions are now updated and can be found in the Steam Workshop and on my new website at http://moonbus.se/fcsp-for-arma Both on my new site and in a dedicated thread here you can also read about the release of a new mission; FCSP CIV’S IN PYRGOS PROTECT [sP/COOP 1-6] Both the new mission and the old missions modifications are much about to make the the missions more interesting and challenging; for example how the AI on the enemies behaves and restrict certain resources. An example; your artillery or fighter jet groups, now only can be used after certain events to avoid tasks to be too easy (to smash all the enemies air power still standing on the ground on it’s bases in the beginning of the round is an example of such thing!). Another new thing that add both to the challenging factor and the feeling is a own design mechanism for randomizing whether and time in the beginning a the rounds. http://moonbus.se/fcsp-for-arma
  4. Perhaps not the best time to release a new mission using old Altis as map when the new Apex expansion is around the corner but... is it finished, it's finished... so to speak... ;-) I have made some presentation graphics and let that do the talk. The mission can be found in the Steam Workshop and the images below are linked to mission on my site http://moonbus.se/fcsp-for-arma/fcsp-civs-in-pyrgos-protect/ where in game gallery can be found and also pbo-files and more for example info about my old missions which is now updated with lot's of new stuff. Below, profile image for FCSP CIV’S IN PYRGOS PROTECT [sP/COOP 1-6]
  5. majorexperimental

    Old mission fail to load after game update

    I just wanna say that the problem is solved! Solution: First; "delete local content"-command wasn't enough, I also had to delete the Arma 3 folder (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3) manually to get rid of old messed up files. After that when opening up my missions i still got "missing files" message but only two lines: aia_misc3_config aia_misc_e_config After removing those lines from the missions-files everything worked fine.I think my problem was quite unusual but perhaps someone will get a bit wiser too by telling what did the trick for me.
  6. majorexperimental

    Old mission fail to load after game update

    I worked on it the day before. Totally fresh.
  7. majorexperimental

    Old mission fail to load after game update

    I tested to add about the same stuff that produced the error above on a fresh mission and the had a look on the mission-file and the names are actually changed: "A3_Characters_F", "A3_Soft_F_Beta_Truck_01", "A3_Armor_F_Beta_APC_Tracked_01", "A3_Soft_F_MRAP_01", "A3_Soft_F_Quadbike_01", "A3_Drones_F_Air_F_Gamma_UAV_02", "A3_Armor_F_EPC_MBT_01", "A3_Armor_F_Gamma_MBT_02", "A3_Armor_F_Beta_APC_Wheeled_01", "A3_Soft_F_Gamma_Van_01", "A3_Soft_F_Offroad_01", "A3_Soft_F_Gamma_SUV_01", "A3_Boat_F_Gamma_Boat_Civil_01", "A3_Static_F_AA_01", "A3_Armor_F_Gamma_APC_Wheeled_03", What this mean I dont know. Perhaps Arma is supposed to "translate" old names to new when they change names? Above that - some stuff in the missing stuff list I dont know what it is. Is the solution still some kind reinstall? Exactly what to method reinstall I still dont know; use the windows listing of all programmes installed on the computer and take from there or from inside Steam and the use the fintion "delete Local Content (does that delete the game or user created content?)"? Something else?
  8. majorexperimental

    Old mission fail to load after game update

    The mission dont load in any editor.... (Sorry VI-Ron for not replied on your answers earlier)
  9. majorexperimental

    Old mission fail to load after game update

    I tried with reloading the update but the same error... I guess the names have been changed.... so I guess I have to go into the text file of mission.sqf and change manually to the new ones after investigated what the new names are... This seems to be hard at some points since some names are hard to recognize what they represent and also some seems to be missing for example the Trawler... Is that totally? Or are all this temporary messed up of the latest update?
  10. [EDIT: Problem solved - look at post from 2016-06-02] After the update today my earlier missions do not load; the game says "it's dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted" and the show a list (see below) of very standard stuff as civil cars, standard trucks, the quad bike and more; no mod stuff at all: Please say it's an update error that will be corrected! :wub: List of stuff that's missing or changed names.... A3_Armor_F_Panther A3_Soft_F_TruckHeavy A3_Soft_F_Quadbike a3_soft_f_beta_quadbike A3_Soft_F_HEMITT A3_Air_F_Gamma_UAV_01 A3_Armor_F_Slammer A3_Armor_F_T100K A3_Armor_F_APC_Wheeled_03 A3_Soft_F_Truck a3_soft_f_gamma_offroad A3_Soft_F_Gamma_Hemmit a3_uav_f_characters_f_gamma A3_Soft_F_Gamma_TruckHeavy A3_Soft_F_Crusher_UGV A3_Soft_F_SUV A3_Boat_F_Civilian_Boat A3_Boat_F_Trawler A3_SoftF_Car A3_StaticF_Gamma_AA A3_Armor_F_AMW A3_Characters_F_INDEP
  11. Thanks sarogahtyp! I tested it and think I got all code right but got his error message and no rockets removed. Any idea? 'player |#|removeEventhandler["Fired", global_eh_in...' Error Type Amy, expected Number
  12. Seems like really good ideas! I'm not a coder; can you give me a hint how to do those things you suggest?
  13. In a mission I build there are assault and attack boats coming from the sea attacking a village and to make it a challenging to fight these boats I wish to restrict the use of AT-weapons only under that phase. To achieve that I have already applied a smoke screen (using smoke modules) but the AT-weapons have no problems to get lock-ons trough the smoke. (The absolute coolest thing would be if the smoke screen in itself could stop AT-look-on's but I guess that's not possible.) A perhaps cooler alternative would be if AT-weapons cant get a lock-on on the boats at all on whole mission. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
  14. I solved it; now it works! I discovered that "unit_" not should be included. THANKS!
  15. Interesting. The unit name? Is that the artillery vehicle? I have 3 artillery vehicles; how code several units?? I did test this in "on act"... [unit_Art1Scorcher, myRequester_SuppReq, myProvider_SupportProviderSArti] call BIS_fnc_addSupportLink ...but it did not work meaning the artillery unit did not come "online" after the trigger has fired. I assume the right place for the above code is in "on act".. When you write underscore; is that meant to be included in the code?