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    BIS Arma 2 Gunshop script

    What do I need to write in the trigger or init of the player? I can't get it working
  2. sebbedelius

    Arma 2/ OA food

    There is no description. Should I put it in my mission folder and then in the init line of the character type dumvar = [this] execVM "check.sqf"; dumvar = [this] execVM "eat.sqf"; dumvar = [this] execVM "init.sqf"; ? edit:It worked, I'm gonna see if I can edit the script now so that he eats the snicker instead :) edit 2: That worked too :D, the only problem now is that my character deosn't take damage after a while. I tried both with and without the first eat and hunger scripts.
  3. sebbedelius

    Arma 2/ OA food

    Can someone post a script like that? Beacuse I can't script yet. :)
  4. sebbedelius

    Arma 2/ OA food

    I installed it and i got it working! But, you can't eat the snicker for example. Can you add something to script so that if you click on the snicker the hunger will go down?
  5. Hello, I made a mission that I called "Hunger Games". Can you spawn food in regular ArmA 2 or OA? I have searched for scripts on google but the classnames only seems to work on DayZ. I opened the DayZ singleplayer editor and spawned "foodcanpasta" and then saved it as multiplayer mission. But you can't right click it and choose eat. I also want the food to be in for example an ammo crate, so the players have to find the food to survive. I have a script that makes your character take damage when the hunger is over 10. That's why I need food. Eat: if (not((_this select 1)==player)) exitwith {}; //this checks if the player has activated this actionentry. Otherwise a player will be able to command the AI to eat for him^^ hunger=hunger-5;if (hunger<0) then {hunger=0;}; Hunger: player hasweapon "blah";player hasmagazine "blah";if(not((_this select 0)==player) exitwith {}; //this is for checking if unit is player, this makes the loop local on a client hunger=0; while {alive player} do { hunger=hunger+1; if (hunger>10) then {player setdammage (getdammage player) + hunger/100;};sleep 10;}; Is there a better script? I also want to see how much hunger you have left, like a hud. I hope someone can help me :)