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  1. Hi, I'm looking for some help in figuring something out. I am currently trying to create a logistic script with the help of the ACE3 interaction framework. My goal is to create something similar to R3F and igiLoad. Attaching the actual cargo objects to the vehicle, but instead of a one-dimensional manner I want to have it 2D. What I mean is: Take for example an Offroad and look at the truckbed. Now devide that into a grid lets say it is 3 units wide by 8 units long and define every loadable object as taking up x,y amount of grid space. There are many ways you fit things in there and attach them to the vehicle. An object that is 1x2 will fit in rows and columns. So my question really is : what would possibly be the best way to go at this problem? What might be the best approach, are there some functions I can use to make things easier? The inventory system in general? I can imagine some kind of tetris logic that would be able to accomplish this, but I'm afraid my approach would be very bulky and ugly. Also I don't really know what the best way of keeping track of the vehicles inventory would be. So I want to pose those questions to anyone here, who has more experience and knowledge, and might be able to help me figure this one out. Any pointers or thoughts would be apprechiated! If anyone wants to look at what I already have, nothing special just able to load/unload one object at the moment: https://pastebin.com/cHxknQdQ Cheers!
  2. Hello, so i Like to play Wasteland occasionally and one thing is really annoying me. It seems that I'm the only one who cant get the thermalsights in the russian Tanks (T90) to work. My friends who I play with, all tell me that they can use the thermalsights in T90s as gunner. I cant even switch to NVision when I'm in the gunnerseat. Its very weird. Ive already reinstalled ArmA 2 & OA couple times (steam version with all DLCs), no difference if I start it through steam or normally, thermalsights never work in Wasteland. However when I place a couple tanks in the editor, they at least have Nightvision. When I play with the Beta Patch enabled the T90 has thermalsights when drive it in the editor, though beta patch is not enabled for Wasteland. Ive tried the lastest beta patch or the one through steam, no difference. What can I do to make it work? I dont have any idea except asking my friends to upload their complete ArmA2OA folder. Please help?
  3. wow a reply O_O well my startup is all follows battery on starter engine 1 wait for rpm go to idle throttle starter engine 2 wait for rpm go to idle throttle battery off starter disengage automaticly when rpm is at ~65% warm up period ~15 secs full throttle both engines wait for rpm to stabilize lift off i follow that basic training to the letter theres even a auto startup option (i guess because of trainee difficulty) and it starts the heli pretty much the same as i do ... and still it crashes
  4. Hi, Im pretty annoyed at the moment. I was about to fly this flashback mission operation longbow. Sitting in the UH1Y, starting up the heli like it should be done. Getting in the air and flying towards the waypoint. So far so good, after a short time I get this shaking and hear this clanking noise, soon after that the RPM drops and I spin out of control with the message that the heli is damaged too much. I wasnt flying too fast and I had my eye on the torque indicator. Whats happening here everything I try gets me the same result, I crash after a couple of minutes because my heli gets damaged by something I cant quite make out. Its pretty fcking annoying to be honest. It cant be the start up since the auto startup sequence does the same thing I do and it leads to the same result.