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  1. Thanks for the fast reply and the Help .kju working perfectly now. :)
  2. Hi folks, 1st Thanks to all porting Iron Front into Arma 3. Now to my issue. I'm having a problem with loading Campaigns and Scenarios in A3 for Iron Front. Whenever i try it simply crashes, however i can play both the campaigns and single missions without issue in the Arma 2 mod version and can also access all the maps/units in the editor without issue (just get modern US infantry holding WW2 era weapons but i understand this is due to them being unfinished). Is the campaigns and scenarios not working a known issue? Help is much appreciated.
  3. All i can say is great mod so far, however my Tailhook refuses to lower. I've bound the key for seagull Back and and it simply refuses to work. Am i missing an addon for it? Also the NightVision just turns my HUD white, is that normal?
  4. It seems this thread has awoken the raging trolls, after doing some more research I'm still tempted by this game, yes the support may have been pulled but as a single player Eastern Front WW2 game it looks very solid to me especially in a market that lacks this setting. Gunter I've been using your site for I44 missions and having looked at the IF missions some look great and seem to have the type of content i'm after. I have also seen that there is a community patch being developed by fans for IF that seems to correct alot of the conplaints as well.
  5. I'm an avid Arma player and have been playing since the original OFP, however recently i'm looking for a more WW2 orientated experience. I've tried I44 and although it is a good mod it focuses on the western front too much for my liking. I've always had an interest inn the Eastern front in WW2 and this game was suggested by a friend, as it uses the Arma 2 engine i've come to love. My only worry is that after doing some research online the multiplayer seems to be dead and there are no mods available atm (except for the paid D-Day DLC). Is it likely mods will be available in the future? Have the devs pulled all support i.e. future patches and updates? If anyone can give me some info it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Tried what you said and still no luck, although there is a loading screen in Arma2 until i install OA, but when i load OA and load a mission there is still a black screen with text and the loading bar as before.
  7. As far as i can remember i have had this problem since i got OA, main reason i tried doing a re-install of the entire series.
  8. All versions are Disk copies apart from Army of the Czech Republic which i got from Gamers Gate. No mods installed either, it's a clean install except for patches. I also have Arma 2 installed to C:/Bohemia Interactive/Arma2. Not sure if this matters
  9. It appears to be all missions, including the default campaigns and single missions that came with the base game and expansions. I have tried re-installing with no luck, although the loading screen image does flash up very briefly (1 to 2 seconds) and then disappears to a black screen with the loading bar and mission text. The mission then loads normally and i haven't noticed any other problems.
  10. Bump as noone seems to have helped so far.
  11. When i play through the first mission i get to the point where there is a rockslide and see my character dive out of the way with Essi, however i get an instant Mission Failed message because Okoro died. I have tried replaying the mission multiple times and it happens each and every time at the same point. Is this a bug? Am i doing something wrong?. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Playing the PC version with the latest patch installed)
  12. Hi folks, i'm having a weird issue with loading screens not displaying images, the game plays fine as do all the expansions i have installed. When loading a mission all i see is a black screen and a status bar that when complete loads the mission with no errors. When i exit the mission there is always a loading image displayed. Reinstalling the game makes no difference. Graphics drivers are up to date and game is patched to most recent release. Changing in-game graphics settings makes no difference. I have been trying to solve this issue for some time and done a number of searches with little success, so any help is greatly appreciated.