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  1. kualus

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    That's just your opinion. I am certain that innumerable people do not share it. You object to sunlight? That thing which is often declared to be the best disinfectant? Gee, I wonder why?
  2. kualus

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    BohemiaBeck, the closeted Steel Beasts community member, has censored my posts in this thread because they cast uncomfortable sunlight on his precious. He used the ridiculous excuse that they constituted "flaming," a conclusion that no other moderation team member has come regarding the nearly 4 years of my remaining posts in this thread. Don't rave at me about how I "broke the rules". By their failure to respond to my PMs in a timely manner (I've been waiting nearly a week to hear back from Placebo, for instance, and even longer for ineptaphid to respond to my appeal and apology), the moderation team has left me with no recourse but to make a public stink.
  3. kualus

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    I think the problem is with the Steel Beasts Wiki itself being inaccurate. The Ammunition Data page lists 12.7mm B-32 as AP rather than AP-I. And the Leo AS1 image is from 2011, so the armor could have gotten updated since then.
  4. kualus

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    I've never heard of this issue before. Please explain.
  5. kualus

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    I personally don't think he meant to be condescending. In any case, the military clients would probably have been running Steel Beasts on toasters only several years ago. Still, the answer to this should not be "GTFO go2WoT". It should be something more like directly telling him "Check dejawolf's graphics of Armored Warfare map size compared to Steel Beasts map size". I myself have a liking for old graphics from the early–mid 2000s, and would be happy with native anisotropic filtering support and texture resolution increases. I'm happy with the additions to 4.0 myself. The Marder and Luchs will be CQB monsters in the hands of someone who can do knife fights.
  6. kualus

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    Asid, I sent you a PM.
  7. Wrong. It shows that they are good at generating so much hype that people buy up their games. Says the same guy who is all but guaranteed to believe that when Microsoft does the same thing with the XBone or Windows 8, it's a numbers game intended to hide disappointing results. Tell that to the Steam paid mods fiasco, which Gaben tried to justify before he had to cave in and end it. Face it, Gaben fucked up big time. I never said Intel and Nvidia were prophets, stop putting words in my mouth. BTW, AMD's bleeding continues: http://www.techpowerup.com/215405/nvidia-ships-over-75-of-discrete-gpus-in-q2-2015.html
  8. Red herring that has nothing to do with what I was talking about. Absolutely not at all. Valve doesn't bother to break down sales, which means it's almost certainly a game with supplies to make it look like demand is higher than it is. Gaben can't even learn from his own history, where exclusives were all that kept Steam alive, let alone console history. Again, it's just a sales game by Valve: don't reveal sales numbers, sell out 2 Steam Machines, and declare they sold out. Also, what are you talking about? Are you smoking something, or are you just in love with the sound of your own voice? Also, AMD isn't a very good example, as they're headed for financial disaster. They're bleeding discrete GPU marketshare, Intel's new iGPUs have beaten the APUs, and AMD is facing a class action suit for securities fraud. So is yours.
  9. Stop putting words in my mouth. The Steam Machine concept was badly executed to begin with, that's what's killed it. It robs the Steam Machines of their last unique feature, as do the Razer Forge TV and Steam's built-in streaming: game streaming. You mean myth. Not at all, but the fact that you're grasping for that tiny straw is VERY telling. Plus, I don't want to make these posts too long because I don't want to provoke too long responses. That has gotten you Half-Life 3, AKA Duke Nukem Forever 2: Electric Boogaloo. Meanwhile, Valve continues to make TF2 hats that you no doubt have spent 100s of dollars on. You miss the whole point of me bringing up Valve, which is as a legitimate counter to your statement that I am stuck in the past. No one ever said tape would become unnecessary. Do you have the slightest clue how durable USB ports have gotten these days? Nope, it's just part of the flood of media questioning of the Steam Machines. Just google "Steam Machines are pointless" or similar. No, but since you mentioned it, I'd like to see if you can live up to those words. Pretty good, considering what he learned from it.
  10. Wrong. It was not the total rewrite that developers were promised. Something tells me all those developers who were outraged didn't remember wrong. You are aware that Vista was screwed by the OEMs who stuck it on 2 GHz Celerons with 512 MB of RAM that had no business even running XP, right? You are also aware that people were bigoted against Vista on sheer heresay, right? That was proven by the Windows Mohave ads.And to move to more recent fuckups...Valve, creator of the epic failure that is the Steam Machines, which they've semi-officially killed by announcing the Steam Link, also supports Vulkan. Valve, the company whose Steam Machine program showed that they didn't understand their own history let alone console history, and who dropped the ball big time with the OEMs: http://www.maximumpc.com/how-steam-machines-are-running-out-steam-2014/ That should say it all about Vulkan. My comment about Apple being the prophet of tech is justified. Remember when Jobs told us we wouldn't need optical drives one day, and we laughed at him? But he's dead now, so that's why I said based on Apple alone, Vulkan may or may not be going anywhere.
  11. The same guys who fucked up the OpenGL 3.0 release so badly that it took years before anyone would even consider OpenGL again. The same guys who released awful Vulkan pre-alpha footage with 2006 graphics running at something like 15 FPS.
  12. Vulkan may or may not be going anywhere. Apple, the prophet of tech, has spoken: http://www.extremetech.com/gaming/207767-apple-brings-its-metal-api-to-os-x-10-11-kicks-vulkan-to-the-curb
  13. I don't think so highly of Iwata. He was responsible for the Wii U, which has sales roughly equal to the XBone despite no PR handicap and a 2 year headstart. It's still sad to see him die. :(
  14. kualus

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    Yes, as long as the versions are the same, people can play older versions in MP.
  15. kualus

    Steel Beasts Pro PE

    I can say no from firsthand experience. In MP, mixing versions results in any unit you leave warping back to where it started.:mad: