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  1. I haven't done anything with addons, lots of scripting though. I was just wondering if anyone could give me a 3 second run down on something like taking a normal already ingame weapon like the M107, creating a copy that shoots something silly like GBU 12's thats full auto. Always thought that would be a bit of fun with a bunch of friends in a server. I imagine this would be just a matter of copy/pasting the current weapon, changing the classname and then having a config somewhere that declares the projectile?
  2. What is entities "AllVehicles" I found it in a wasteland script, and there is absolutely no documentation of it anywhere, and its not referenced anywhere else in the wasteland files. Its used in this form: { } foreach entities "AllVehicles";
  3. Ub3rObama

    A non helpful error

    Thanks I managed to use: _soldier addEventHandler["Killed",{[nil,(_this select 1),"loc",rEXECVM,"client\money.sqf"] call RE;}]; (Notice the comma) Which works well, but I'm wondering if your second method would be better performance wise, since the code is already loaded and is simply only being called in new thread, but then again execVM is also doing a very similar thing.
  4. This line right here gives me an error: _soldier addEventHandler["Killed",{[nil,(_this select 1),"loc",execVM "client\money.sqf"] call RE;}]; The error is: Error in expression <rC:\Users\name\Documents\ArmA 2 Ot> Error position: <\Users\nameDocuments\ArmA 2 Ot> Error Invalid number in expression But the code still works exactly as intended. So whats the problem? Also I read in a thread to use CBA instead of Multiplayer Framework, but CBA is an addon? Wouldn't all clients need it as well?
  5. Forgot to say thanks for them classes!
  6. Hmm I found the CA pbo but it didn't have much in it, but I noticed other pbos with similar names (e.g. warfare.pbo) so I de pbo'd them and found quite a few things. I also de pbo'd warfare and looked for any reference to the paa files for the unit icons that come up when you buy units, absolutely nothing. Found some stuff for the warfare side of things, but not unit building, which is really strange. What I am looking for is, icon's of buildings like bunkers and machine gun nests. I de pbo'd A LOT of the arma ones and couldn't find what I wanted, anyone know if they even exist?
  7. Wow nice timing, I just decided I wanted to create dialogs. I was looking the Warfare mission, and wanted to see how they got the pictures of units to show. The path they used is this : \CA\warfare2\Images\con_barracks.paa Wheres this CA folder? Its certainly not in the mission.
  8. Ub3rObama

    Broken Filters

    Yeah but trying to find specific servers, or hosted games by friends is next to impossible.
  9. Ever since installing the beta, a long time ago, back when Day Z was I have not been able to use filters in normal OA. If I have Day Z loaded filters work fine, but if I have normal arma + beta and put anything in the filters absolutely nothing will come up. I have searched and seen that not a single person has the problem, its extremely irritating. Thanks to Day Z commander, it also overwrote the normal OA exe, which I no longer have so I can't go back without redownloading arma. Just wondering if anyone has heard of this and can help? I am using the latest beta.
  10. Whats happening is when the first person goes through a check the _uid gets stuck. So when another person comes along and goes through the check, it uses the previous _uid, which breaks everything. I don't understand how thats happening, I thought execVM opened a new thread every time it was called, meaning fresh variables but it looks like it keeps the same thread open, re uses it and doesn't update the variables, or is skipping code, its really odd. What needs to happen is the script only on the client machine, but I have no idea how to get that to happen.
  11. Its supposed to kick anyone who is in that slot (unit) who doesn't have that specific UID, its designed to make that slot/unit so only 1 person can join it.
  12. I'm using this to call script.sqf, in a number of unit (player) slots. Null = ["12345678"] execVM "script.sqf"; script.sqf WaitUntil{not isNull player}; waitUntil{(getPlayerUID player) != ""}; _uid = getPlayerUID player; if(_uid != (_this select 0)) then { endMission "LOSER"; }; This is designed to check if a player is in his correct slot. Now I'm really stumped by this, because whats happening is when 2 people join the game in their correct slots, it kicks them straight away. I'm sure its the exec, and that it must be executing on the server, but I've tried changing it around and haven't gotten any good results. I think I'm having a dumb moment because it seems obvious but I just can't work it out. Should be bloody simple. The script works fine, if its only 1 person joining.
  13. I think that helped, but I also think I did something else that fixed the problem as well, not sure, but it works now! Just a quick question, are infinite loops in arma bad? Like if I want to keep checking if someone is in the gunner seat then switch them to the animation. I can't find any event handlers that handle switching from the driver to the gunner, only entering the vehicle so I want to have a constant loop checking if there is someone in the gunner seat and if there is switch animation on them. Generally I always thought infinite loops were incredibly bad, but I read somewhere someone reckon mending them, so I'm just checking now. Also how to I escape characters like ", for example I want to have String = "Your going to have a very very "bad" day";
  14. What happens if random 3 = 3? or is that impossible?
  15. Strange then, because this is my code here: suv_close_action = this addAction ["Close Cover","lg.sqf",[],1,false,true]; _target = _this select 0; _caller = _this select 1; _id = _this select 2; _nic = [nil,nil,"per",rremoveAction, _target, _id] call RE; _gunner = gunner _target; _gunner switchMove "ArmoredSUV_GunnerTurnIn_PMC"; _target removeAction _id; _target animate["HideGun_01",1]; sleep 0.5; _target animate["HideGun_02",1]; sleep 0.5; _target animate["HideGun_03",1]; sleep 0.5; _target animate["HideGun_04",1]; sleep 1; _target animate["CloseCover1",1]; _target animate["CloseCover2",1]; suv_open_action = _target addAction ["Open Cover","rg.sqf",[],1,false,true]; But my mate on my server which I was hosting couldn't see the animations, I could but he couldn't, was sure it was because he doesn't have the full PMC.