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  1. After the Vulcan island has been captured by enemy, and then when I enter the Vulcan, my carrier is instantly damaged severely and cannot be repaired, the Armor and Engines are at about 50%, others are at 0%, so I cannot launch any units... Not only that, even after I left the Vulcan, the carrier still cannot repair itself... (And even worse... while I was trying to move to other enemy island to see if the repair function will be recovered, I encounter the enemy carrier head to head, I try to run away and can just barely survived but still take some damage, then the Engines HP is at 0%, so I cannot move... forever...) A little annoying thing about the production queue: If an item count in the stockpile has already reached 99 and I continue to produce 2 more of that item, strange things happened... (not only that, but you try yourself~)