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  1. Unfortunately not, I took over several other islands between my two visits to Obsidian, so all saves from the first visit to Obsidian already have been written over. Is there any other way to destroy the power plant, even a cheat would be fine as long as I could just continue playing from where I am now. Don't feel like restarting the entire game just because of this bug.
  2. I'm playin CC on PC, version 1.02. When I was playing on Obsidian, I took over the island and left for the next, as I thought the power to the force field would be deactivated if I own the island. I now have taken over all the islands except Thermopylae as it is still protected by the shield. So I went back to Obsidian, but the coolant containers were gone. I then read that this is a bug and is fixed with patch 1.03. Loaded and installed patch 1.03, but there are still now coolant containers. Also tried to leave the island and come back again, still nothing.