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  1. You dont. You specify it in the RVMAT
  2. Great model. Look forward to seeing that released. Configs are a pain to learn especially for uniforms in A3 but I recon its worth learning so you don't need to rely on others to do it . If you don't have the time or don't want to learn then feel free to drop me a PM and ill put together a config for you.
  3. [/color] Awesome, feel free to post a link in the thread once they're done. Would love to see what missions people are making with this mod. :cool:
  4. Great to see people getting use out of this mod @armyinf there should be no need to split out each hat into their own config file. All you need to do is replicate the class details and give each one a different class name. Let me know how you go
  5. Yeah I guess that comes down to the implementation approach. I'm throwing in a range of ideas in this post relating to different aspects to texture handling but ultimately its about making it easier for people to a) create b) implement c) use. Some of this might be more likely to come in ARMA 4 as it would require some fundamental changes to the way the game handles them. Here's another thought; wouldn't it be great if you could just create or download an image with only a camo pattern on it, pop it in a "texture folder" which then makes the texture available for any in game character, vehicle or equipment. Perhaps models could be set up to allow specific parts of the model to have interchange texture pattern with all the detail overlayed. E.g Pants on a character, main body of a vehicle, etc. Think about it like layers within photoshop. When I do textures for a model I actually manage it this way. I have a texture pattern and overlay it with all the detail i.e creases, fabric, stitching etc. It makes it really easy to swap out the colour or camouflage with something else
  6. Pomi Git

    Scope Mod A3

    Great mod. I'd love to see this become the one standard scope pack used by all weapon mod makers rather than them making their own or supporting multiple others. A bit like JAM was for OFP
  7. hmm interesting, i'll look into the issue of textures not randomising though im now only using the main branch. Dev branch is experimental and constantly changing so I'll only make changes once it pops up in the main branch. I have seen the "out of ammo" call out for the defensive marksman which appears to be caused by him being equipped with only one magazine for his pistol. In the upcoming release I've balanced this units load out a little better and it seems to stop that. Re ammo crate script. See here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?159271-PG-Services-Private-Military-Company/page4 Scroll down and see Keewa's post, second from the bottom. Note, there will be some class name changes in the next release so you'll need to update this script once its out.
  8. Thanks mate, I've just updated it with a few tweeks. I have a new much improved normal map which adds a lot more depth and texture to the surface. I've also updated the PSD template with an overlayed fabric which will sit above someones custom clan texture and matches the normal map to give it a much more realistic look. See below close up of the end result. The image I used for the new sample was this . As you can see its a stock image with no texture so the normal map and template is doing all the work. Instructions updated to reflect these changes. Upload link the same.
  9. Hi Enzo, there was some discussion about this earlier in the thread. There is a bug within the game which is stopping mod configured ammo crates containing custom gear from working. Until that is fixed there is no point in me adding to the mod. It is however possible to fill a crate with gear using a script within a mission. This approach works fine. The next update to this mod will include this in the showcase mission.
  10. Pomi Git

    CSAT Hexcam sample?

    Nice one surpher. That doesnt look half bad at all. I forgot to mention in my last post that I used the same technique to create digital camo patterns. I came across this guide which allowed me to recreate a pattern closely resembling the independent camo. For some reason the colour doesnt look right when you view it outside photoshop but its a correct colour match to the real thing when in game By the way, I couldnt help but notice what looks like a spacer invader in your pattern top middle :D @antoineflemming cool, I might have to try find some use for that one too. Now we just need the semi-arid version like here
  11. The mod includes both forward and backwards versions :)
  12. Pomi Git

    My first try at modelling

    Nice one. It might be worth considering creating a W.I.P thread in the mod discussion section, you'll find your work getting more exposure there. This section is more for people looking for help with O2
  13. I presume you are talking about a mod free version? This is possible via setobjectexture and by including your textures in the mission, but there are limitations to this. As a mission player I would just like to be able to select the clothes I want and then choose the texture, maybe at a profile level. As a mission maker I want the same sort of option in the editor. As a mod creator I think having the option to simply create the texture and not having to worry about scripting would save a ton of time. And MistyRonin is right, this should extend to many other things such as vehicles and weapons.
  14. Yeah im thinking the same. Perhaps also still too thin. Will play around with it
  15. So anyway a quick update on the radio earpiece. Ive made the cord semi transparent as suggested and have it in game. Here's a screenshot Thoughts?
  16. I've been having the same issue. I thought i was doing something wrong. Good to know it works in max 2012, though it just means I have to download another version :mad: Cheers for sharing your solution.
  17. Pomi Git

    CSAT Hexcam sample?

    Here is hexcam I put together for kiorys balaclava http://i.imgur.com/ZuSloUi.jpg I made it by patching together segments from one of the uniforms. Its not perfect but its use-able and with a bit love could probably be cleaned up a bit more
  18. Cheers mate. Yep thats my goal. And for that reason Im not rushing into doing any more retextures. I have seen the begger uniform, i.e t-shirt with cargo pants, its not bad but I noticed a lot of clipping with most vests and leg straps. Im going to focus my energy on learning modelling and eventually fingers crossed my own uniform models Oh and shinny flags will be gone in the next release, am making use of the hiddenmaterials. Definitely very handy
  19. The model is based on the Invisio M3 which is quite thin. But to be honest I did agree and ive thickened it a little. Here is an updated image http://i.imgur.com/vOLsXpZ.jpg Re the colour again, the real life equivalent is white. Also these are just renders from 3ds max so its not final colour representation
  20. Pomi Git

    Help with hostage script.

    If I've understood you're question correctly you're asking how to initiate a helicopter to set off once the hostages are free. If yes there are a few ways of doing this. Probably simplest is by creating a transport load waypoint for the helicopter at the destination and synchronize it with the triggers. That should mean it only starts the waypoint once the trigger is activated. If you're unsure how to do this. Do a search for "syncronise waypoint to trigger"
  21. Pomi Git

    Mp9 by Alwarren and GvsE

    Well done guys, great to see this finally released. @Max Power - lol you have a point, that thumb does look a bit weird in that shot
  22. @krycek the chances of me making one from scratch are low but I did look for a free one online and couldn't find any. I was lucky to the find the Suburban SUV. I'll keep an eye open, if anyone finds one let me know. Below is a picture of a radio earpiece I will be adding in the next release. http://i.imgur.com/WTWpo4L.jpg This one I actually made myself from scratch
  23. I wish I could say I made that model but I didn't, I got it as a free download from turbosquid. It's too high poly at the moment and the interior needs some work. Then needs to be uv'd, normals, etc. Might take me a while as I'm still learning
  24. Something like this http://i.imgur.com/gpMFwVe.jpg ?
  25. Thanks for the feedback guys. Im neglecting this mod a little at the moment but I will be releasing a patch soon. @Owesome that campaign sounds cool. Id love to see it. Do you have a link?