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  1. Ah I see. You need to use the template unit named "*Security Contractor*" (note the asterisk). You then need to manually add uniform, vest, headgear, weapons, etc via the units init. All the other units have an eventhandler running against them which generates the random gear. I'm pretty sure this will override anything you specify in the units init. Let me know how you go with that
  2. Thanks Elena, I appreciate your feedback and suggestions. As I have noted on the front post, my goal for this mod is to provide completely custom content, and by this I mean custom made models. The re-textures I did to kick the mod off were really just building blocks, eventually I'd like to replace them all with my own content and it's not my plan to do any more. Particularly for vehicles. The main focus of the next update will be getting the SUV in game (I posted a picture further back in the thread). I'll keep people posted on my progress.
  3. Pomi Git

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Great release RobertHammer and team. Lovely models, and all round nice work.
  4. Folks, I decided to release a patch to fix a few bugs. Change Log Version 0.6.1 Black MX rifles will now work with VAS (Note they still look the same as the standard mx in the VAS menu as I havent done custom icons) Fixed a missing icon error for underwear Removed a redundant ammo crate for uniforms which wasn't working (there is still an ammo crate containing all weapons used in the mod, i forgot to mention in the last release) Fixed loadout issue which was still resulting in some units shouting "out of ammo" DOWNLOAD PATCH v0.6.1 @MEDIAFIRE First post updated. Please do let me know if you find any more issues. Cheers Pomigit
  5. Hey maxjoiner I just stumbled upon this. Nice idea. Any chances you could make an addon version so it runs in every mission automatically?
  6. Thanks all for the feedback so far. Much appreciated. @ProDomo That would be one of the changes I forgot about. arifle_MX_blk_pointer_F is now arifle_MX_MRCO_blk_F The class list on the front post reflects the correct class names. The error you talk about getting though would be because your mission is looking for the old class name. If you have manually added the weapon to an ammo crate or to a units init then this will be the cause. @ThorBrasil I dont use the virtual ammo and have never tested against it but i'll take a look into that
  7. Thanks for everyone's patience. Version 0.6 is now out. A relatively minor update in the scheme of things but it adds a 2 new features and fixes a few issues. Here's a release photo showing the aforementioned features Change Log Version 0.6 Added earpiece model (uses night vision goggles slot) Added VIP Client model (which is actually a 3ds max sample model ive ported and modified a little) Replaced the normal and specular map for uniforms using the BLUFOR uniform (to remove shiny patch and flag outline)) Removed most of the hex edited models. Now only have the ones for the MX rifles since they still dont have camo selections Adjusted the capacity for all uniforms and vests to be in line with game vanilla versions Added faction icon Removed the class I created for the EBR with SOS scope since there is now one in game by default. Designated Marksman now uses the default in game class A few other minor config changes which wont be noticable to most people There may be other things I've done which are not listed here. Ive been working on this update on and off for the past few months so its possible ive forgotten a few things DOWNLOAD @MEDIAFIRE First post updated. Please do let me know if you find any issues. Cheers Pomigit
  8. I tried to do replacement of that horrible looking british army uniform texture with my own MTP version. The game wont have a bar of it, just completely ignores the texture and any other changes I make to the soldiers. If I create them as standalone soldiers it works fine. Anyone know if there is something in game restricting changes to those story characters?
  9. THIS MOD IS NOW REDUNDANT. 90% OF THIS CONTENT IS NOW AVAILABLE IN GAME ****UPDATE v3.5 - NEW ITEMS ADDED 13/05/2013***** Hi All, There's been a few people unlocking items without configs in ARMA 3 Alpha. I've done some digging around and put together my own config unlocking a range of items. Change Log v3.5 Unlocked BLUFOR, OPFOR and Russian Fighter Pilots with helmets and coveralls Unlocked black watch cap Unlocked Plain Helmet Changed Rangemaster to use Rangemaster cap (Cap with headphones) Fixed Addon name in config file. I accidently had "Officer_soldier" in as the addon name. I've changed this now to "CharExtras". You may get an error if you have used any previous version of this mod in any missions Separated Undies template out into its own zip file to save upload and download time. New link for template at the bottom of this post Change Log v3 Unlocked Civilian man in T-shirt and jeans model Unlocked Urban camo variant of OPFOR combat uniform Unlocked OPFOR Spec-Ops helmet Fixed texture for OPFOR Diver rebreather Unlocked russian rebreather and wetsuit textures Unlocked extra backpack textures Added medic, Repair and AT variants of Urban camo fieldpack Added Explosives expert variant of urban camo carryall bag Added Russian Divers to independent side Added Urban Camo OPFOR Soldiers inc Spec-Ops Added four civilian men each wearing a different version of T-shirt and Jeans texture Updated text file with new class names Change Log v2 Unlocked additional underwear textures Unlocked additional tactical vest textures Unlocked additional coveralls textures Added custom underwear texture and added as an available underwear option Changed BLUFOR units to use unlocked green underwear Changed OPFOR units to use unlocked black underwear Added Helicopter Pilot to Independent side wearing unlocked urban camo digital coveralls Added text file to download file with class names for all items Changed class name for OPFOR officer Change Log v1 Unlocked OPFOR Officer model and uniform texture Unlocked rangemaster model and clothes texture Unlocked addtional textures for baseball cap Unlocked additional textures for military cap Unlocked additional textures for boonie hat Full breakdown of unlocks so far, below Unit models. Rangemaster, who I've put under Civilian > Men OpFor Officer under Red > Men - Please note I have changed the class name for this unit from first release Civilian in T-shirt and Jeans Note: The civilian in t-shirt and jeans model uses the underwear textures for the t-shirt, meaning a number of different variations can be created. I have made 4 variants. See added units Helmet models OPFOR Spec-Ops Helmet in 2 colour variants (Urban and standard Hex) Fighter Pilot helmet in 3 variants (BLUFOR which is carbon black with blue bits, OPFOR which is carbon green with green bits and Russian which is some sort of turquoise green with blue bits. See new units for pictures) - NEW! Hat Textures Bohemia Interactive baseball cap Black baseball cap Black with gun logo baseball cap Green baseball cap ION PMC - baseball cap OCAM baseball cap Local Police baseball cap Russian Ravan baseball cap Surfers baseball cap Tan baseball cap Olive baseball cap MCAM baseball cap Grey Military cap Blue Military cap Checkered Military cap 1 Checkered Military cap 2 Checkered Military cap 3 Tan Military cap Independant camo Boonie hat Black watch cap (note: there are actually a number of different colours inc green in F_Characters but none of the other ones seem to work) - NEW! Plain Helmet - NEW! Pictures below of watch cap and Plain helmet http://i.imgur.com/t2fwHa0.jpg To use any of the new hats with your unit mods you need include the hat class name within 'linkeditems' of the class of your new unit e.g linkeditems[] = {"H_Cap_ion"}; Vest textures Tactical Vest Black Tactical Vest Black Police Tactical Vest woodland camo OPFOR rebreather - NEW! - this is actually a fix to a bug I found in the BIS config file which meant the OPFOR diver rebreather was incorrectly using the standard black texture. For anyone interested I reported this issue via the feedback tracker. Number 7714 Russian rebreather - NEW! (unlocked along with Russian wetsuit, see added units) To use any of the new vests with your unit mods you need include the vest class name within 'linkeditems' of the class of your new unit e.g linkeditems[] = {"V_TacVest_blck"}; Uniforms only (no units added) Urban Camo Coveralls Bandit (orange) Coveralls Black Coveralls Greyish dirty Coveralls Grey Coveralls To use any of the new uniforms with your unit mods you need to put the following line within the class of your new unit uniformClass = "UNIFORM_CLASSNAME"; If there's one pressing issue that I'm sure has been on everyone's mind since the A3 Alpha release i think its got to be MORE UNDERWEAR OPTIONS!!! Alas your wish is my command Underwear Green - BLUFOR units now use green underwear! Black - OPFOR units now use black underwear! Brown Blue To celebrate this special underwear release I even created my own Han shot first underwear!!! Showcased below with Kiory's fantastic afro hair mod, which I think goes perfectly. Groovy!*** To use any of the new underwear with your mods you need to put the following line within the class of your new unit nakedUniform = "UNDERWEAR_CLASSNAME"; Backpacks Bergen in mcamo Bergen in hex camo Green Bergen Black Bergen Kitbag in Independent digital camo Khaki Carryall CBR Carryall Black Carryall Medic version of urban camo fieldpack Engineer version of urban camo fieldpack AT version of urban camo fieldpack Explosives Expert version of urban camo Carryall Units Fighter Pilots BLUFOR Fighter Pilot in blue pilot coveralls - NEW! - Found under BLUFOR > Blue > Men OPFOR Fighter Pilot in camo pilot coveralls - NEW! - Found under OPFOR > Red > Men Russian Fighter Pilot in green pilot coveralls - NEW! - Found under Independent > Green Army > Men Russian Divers (See image under vests) - Found under Independent > Green Army > Men (Diver)[/b] Russian Diver Russian Diver Explosives expert Russian Diver Team Leader Civilian Men in Jeans - Found Under Civilian > Civilians > Men Brown t-shirt with blue jeans Blue t-shirt with beige jeans Black t-shirt with orange jeans retro t-shirt with brown jeans (shoes have no texture) OPFOR Urban Camo Soldiers - Found under OPFOR>Red>Men (Urban) OPFOR Riflemen - Urban Camo OPFOR Riflemen Lite - Urban Camo OPFOR Autorifleman - Urban Camo OPFOR Explosive Specialist - Urban Camo OPFOR Grenadier - Urban Camo OPFOR Marksman - Urban Camo OPFOR Medic - Urban Camo OPFOR Repair Specialist - Urban Camo OPFOR Riflemen AT - Urban Camo OPFOR Squad Leader - Urban Camo OPFOR Team Leader - Urban Camo OPFOR Spec-Ops - Urban Camo (Note: in the image below the unit is wearing a modified version of Kiorys balaclava. This is not included) Here' a few more images of the Spec Ops Urban Camo http://i.imgur.com/qFfqSLr.jpg http://i.imgur.com/QwoA3ho.jpg Included in the mod zip file: the pbo text file with all class names Download the pbo here If you want to use my undies template to design your own undies here is a link to the file http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?y6w8ezwpz0yn610 If you are unsure how to install an addon follow these instructions . I recommend using Dslyecxi's 'Paper Doll' Gear Menu to browse through all items. There's still a few more things that can be added. I will update when I get the chance. Watch this space! Known issues Standard BLUFOR rifleman refuses to use green underwear. For the life of me I cant figure out why, every other BLUFOR unit is fine. Open to suggestions! There's a scientist version of the coveralls which is also refusing to work. Its in the config but I've disabled it The OPFOR spec ops helmet has an issue with a missing texture. An error will pop up the first time you load it. The fourth variant of the civilian man in t-shirt and jeans has missing shoe textures.
  10. I'm not sure what you are talking about. All I did with this mod is create a config file with classes to make textures and models available in game which were yet to be released at the time. Since the game has now launched. 90% of the content has now been set up to work by BIS so this mod is redundant and you should delete it. Front post updated
  11. hey thanks. I can only do them on sample models BIS release or make myself. So I could probably do the same for the tactical vest if there was interest
  12. I'm guessing this is because the current released version doesn't have the faction icon. That's fixed for the patch release @fa11en SUV may take a while, turning a high poly model into a low poly version manually is a painfully slow process, the source model has over 200,000 polys. I have to bring that down to 20,000. Plus I still need to add more detail to the interior and then do the UV maps. To be honest i havent done much with it lately. I haven't had the time or will power to sit there deleting polygon hoops, its draining :(. I'll come back to it soon though. Im planning a few decent additions to the next full release.
  13. There's nothing wrong with the mediafire download link. I just double checked and its working fine. None the less I've updated the front post with the armaholic link. First patch coming this weekend. Watch this space
  14. I received a request for help on how to get re-textured underwear into the game and I decided it might be worth me sharing my response publicly to help others. So here it is. Firstly there is already a good guide by stiltman here on how to do config files for uniform retexture's. What I have written here is really an extension to that and specific to underwear. Configuring uniforms of any kind in Arma 3 can certainly be confusing and it took a fair amount of time, a lot of trial and error and the odd moment of despair for me to learn. So if you're struggling, you can be assured you are not alone. There are a few fundamental things you need to understand to make them work: uniforms are not placed over a base model like head gear and vests, they are if you will a character in themselves. When you change clothes you are in fact changing the model. in game underwear behave the same as other uniforms with one exception, you have no inventory option to remove them. underwear have a unique set up in the config file, they effectively require three classes. One within cfgweapons which acts as the underwear itself, and two within cfgvehicles. The first in cfgvehicles acts as the in game character you see walking around in undies. The second is the character that wears them underneath his main uniform (who also needs his own uniform class, so I guess thats four really :confused:). the underwear uniform class and corresponding underwear character class must be linked together. Without these links your underwear will not work :(. Within both you need a parameter called "uniformClass" where you specify the corresponding class name. So the underwear uniform class would specify the name of your underwear character class and the underwear character class would specify the underwear uniform class. If you dont want your underwear character to appear as a select-able soldier in the editor then you need to set the parameter "scope" to "= 1". = 1 means its private and cannot be directly used in game. = 2 is basically the opposite and is what your standard in game character uses. To then use the underwear with your fully clothed character you need to set the parameter "Nakeduniform" to equal the name of your underwear (the one you specified in cfgweapons). Below is a sample config file for what you should end up with. #define _ARMA_ //ndefs=14 enum { OrdinalEnum = 2, destructengine = 2, destructdefault = 6, destructwreck = 7, destructtree = 3, destructtent = 4, stabilizedinaxisx = 1, stabilizedinaxesxyz = 4, stabilizedinaxisy = 2, stabilizedinaxesboth = 3, destructno = 0, stabilizedinaxesnone = 0, destructman = 5, destructbuilding = 1 }; class CfgPatches { class YOURMOD { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {}; version = 0.1; }; }; class UniformSlotInfo { slotType = 0; linkProxy = "-"; }; class cfgWeapons { class Uniform_Base;//External Reference class UniformItem;//External Reference class U_Example_BasicBody: Uniform_Base //Your underwear class { scope = 2; displayName = "U_Example_BasicBody"; picture = "\A3\characters_f\data\ui\icon_U_BasicBody_ca.paa"; model = "\A3\Characters_F\Common\Suitpacks\suitpack_blufor_diver"; class ItemInfo: UniformItem { uniformModel = "-"; uniformClass = "Underwear_Character_Example"; //Your example underwear character containerClass = "Supply0"; mass = 1; }; }; class Example_CombatUniform_mcam : Uniform_Base //The uniform class for fully clothed soldier { scope = 2; displayName = "Example Mcam uniform"; picture = "\A3\characters_f\data\ui\icon_U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_ca.paa"; model = "\A3\Characters_F\Common\Suitpacks\suitpack_blufor_diver"; class ItemInfo : UniformItem { uniformModel = "-"; uniformClass = "Example_Soldier_F"; //would be same as our made soldier class containerClass = "Supply20"; //how much it can carry mass = 80; //how much it weights }; }; class CfgVehicles { class B_Soldier_base_F; //External reference class Underwear_Character_Example: O_Soldier_base_F //The soldier who appears wearing your underwear class { scope = 1;//1 = private and ensures it doesnt list as a character in the editor displayName = "Example Underwear Character"; model = "\A3\Characters_F\Common\basicbody"; uniformClass = "U_Example_BasicBody"; //Your underwear class in cfgweapons weapons[] = {}; magazines[] = {}; respawnWeapons[] = {}; respawnMagazines[] = {}; items[] = {}; linkeditems[] = {}; respawnlinkeditems[] = {}; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"YOURMOD\Data\basicbody_example_co.paa"}; class Wounds { tex[] = {}; mat[] = {"A3\Characters_F\Common\Data\basicbody.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Common\Data\basicbody_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Common\Data\basicbody_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_bald_muscular.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_black_bald_muscular.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_black_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_black_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_hairy_muscular.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_hairy_muscular_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_hairy_muscular_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_old.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_old_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_old_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_asian_bald_muscular.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_asian_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_asian_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat"}; }; }; class Example_Soldier_F : B_Soldier_base_F // The soldier who appears fully clothed but wears the underwear under his uniform { _generalMacro = "B_Soldier_F"; scope = 2; displayName = "Uniform Test Soldier"; nakedUniform = "U_Example_BasicBody"; //Your underwear class uniformClass = "Example_CombatUniform_mcam"; hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"pathtoyouraddonretexturefile.paa"}; }; }; };
  15. Pomi Git

    My retexture is showing up blue.

    Strange ive never seen this, did you accidentally mess with the alpha channel? Also what method did you use turn it into a paa file?
  16. Bandage on a chest would surely be better served as a normal map + texture as opposed to a separate model used as a vest. What i wrote in response would work albeit with the overhead of having to manage matching skin. But you will have that problem even if you created a new naked body model. EDIT: @'Raptor 6 Actual' I just read your post on the character modding thread and I can see where antoineflemming is coming from. It sounds like you were/are still looking for some way to strip back certain parts of a soldiers clothing to access wounds. If this is the case the underwear model will not give you what you want and as abs has said (and as is highlighted in my guidelines) uniforms are not literally worn over the soldiers underwear body model. They are separate models. So you will need to make a model with these features. If you want see a soldier in his undies, topless with a bandage round his torso then what i described in my response will work
  17. I gotcha ;) but hey nothing wrong if you are. Each to their own. Yeah you could probably do that. You would need to replace the normal map with your own which replaces the t-shirt bump map detail with a nice ripped naked male torso and likewise in a texture. You then need to create a custom RVMAT to use the normal map. In the config you would need to use hiddenSelectionsMaterials to use your custom RVMAT. EDIT: Thinking about it more, the only problem you would have is with matching your custom torso skin colour to the characters head, arms and legs skin colour. So you will have to either create a version for each skin colour variant and come up with some way to match them when the character is generated or create one version and restrict the character to use only use the matching head, arms and legs skin colour.
  18. Pomi Git

    L85A2 Reboot!

    Hey nothing wrong with Hello Kitty, great stuff love it ;) In fact why not go one step further and do some special edition textures like this modeller did:
  19. Im not a huge fan of the program but if someone can tell me how i do that i will. I tried a few months ago after a similar request against my pmc mod and i couldnt work out how and gave up.
  20. Hi guys, I'm posting this thread to generate a bit of discussion about management and approach to gear textures/camo within the game. What am I on about? ARMA 3 has introduced a fantastic feature - Interchangeable gear. With the game now released many people are creating some fantastic re-textures. My own mod includes many variants of default uniforms, hats, vests etc. Most if not all people who do retextures create new playable units which use the retextured gear. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this (i'd be a hypocrite if I did) but it’s the same approach that’s been undertaken since Operation Flashpoint. Of course people could just release the mod with gear only and no units but that then means mission creators need to add everything manually. I can’t help but think that, with the flexibility offered by interchangeable gear, there has to be a better way to manage it. What’s the concept? What I would personally love to see is a simple way to manage textures separately to the model. To explain what I mean by this lets use a game like ‘Rainbow Six Vegas’ as an example. Before you launch into multiplayer you have the option to change your gear. Let’s say you want a different uniform, you select the uniform of your choice and once accepted you can then choose the texture. What I have highlighed here is more about UI but id like to see it simplified in the backend too. I.e I think it would be great if getting a new model texture simply required me to have the texture files only (no config compiled into a pbo). So what’s the solution? I’m sure there are many different ways of tackling it. A few thoughts I had are; Having options within the editor to choose model and texture separately from each other for factions or individual units. This would then be set for a mission but customisable in the mission config file. A new load out customisation menu prior to mission launch. Being able to place a texture in a set folder which is then picked up in the game as a new model texture There could well be existing features I’m unaware of within the game that could be cobbled together into a mod that could be used by whoever wants to use the feature. Where from here? Initially I just want to see what discussion this thread generates and what ideas people have. I’m happy for people to tell I’m wrong and they’re happy with the way it works now. I can imagine there would be some complexities and exceptions which I haven't thought of. But if there is strong consensuses for change I’d like to see what solution people can agree on. If it requires a feature request to be made on the feedback tracker I’ll take charge in raising this.
  21. I dont see any reason why not, you can do that to use a custom face texture for your profile.
  22. Pomi Git

    L85A2 Reboot!

    Looks awesome mate, some really nice little details on the texture especially. Not sure about the 'hello kitty' though lol
  23. I found it is far easier to do weighting in 3ds max using the sample character as a base. You can fairly easily copy the weighting from the sample model onto yours using skin wrap, however it will still likely require some minor tweaks. But again its much easier to do that in 3ds max. Another technique I've found to be even easier is to place your model over the top of the sample model in 3ds max and attach it to it. Providing your model is lined up properly you will find it will require very little tweaking, if at all (ive successfully done this with several test models without having to tweak anything). You need to leave it attached when you export it. Then once you import to O2 delete the sample character model and you should be left with your model with fully functioning weighting. Repeat for each LOD. You need to use the 3ds max p3d export macro for both these approaches to work. Oh and its worth noting the p3d export macro does not work properly with 3ds max 2014. I can confirm it works with version 2012