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  1. I've been getting the "Wait for Host" screen lasting for a while as well. It started about a week ago. I figured it was my own connection but I've heard others complain about it on server 8,9, and 10 as well.
  2. I love your version of the wasteland mod, especially hardcore. My only issue is with the Independent side and making bases. As an Independent if I assault an Opfor or Blufor base then I can't move their objects if they are still inside their base. However if I assault an Independent base I can move any wall or rather they can move all of our walls if they are Independent as well. I doubt it's possible but is there a way you can make it so a) other independents can't move your walls or b) that only groups have access to what they have built? I see it more as a form of exploiting the fact they can move our walls/depots and then proceed to swing them around to kill us. Thanks