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    LOL the guy who made the video and wrote the original script is a friend of mine, Ill show him to this thread. He might be willing to share his code :) btw look at his other arma videos as well, hes a script magician xD
  2. Silderoy

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I have a small request, shouldn't be too much work for a modder: I want lights (Runway edgelights) in all 5 colors (White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red) that are an object like a magazine, that you can put in a box, place on the floor and pick back up. It can also be like an invisible box that when placed it runs a script that places the edgelight on it's position. Name each of them "Runway Light - <color>". Here is the classnames for the lights that are considered Buildings in the game right now: White - Land_runway_edgelight Blue - Land_runway_edgelight_blue_F Red - Land_Flush_Light_red_F Green - Land_Flush_Light_green_F Yellow -Land_Flush_Light_yellow_F I need them to take no inventory space at all if possible, and weight nothing. Another Thing we had in A2 ACE and I miss in A3 is VS-17 Panels. so If anyone knows what I'm talking about and can do that It would be great!
  3. Do it that way: If (player in (group _groupleader)) then { Player createDiaryRecord..... }; _groupleader is the unitname of the group leader. In init.sqf add: 0 = [] execVM "beirfing.sqf";
  4. You have to write "admin/god.sqf". The way scripts are found is the following: 1. Mission folder - NOT the folder the initial script is in. 2. Arma 2 built in scripts. You need to make sure give the whole way from the mission folder to the file, like what I wrote. As for the key press, there is a command for that, but I cannot remember the exact way.
  5. Hello. first of all, THANK YOU! for this great addition to the armaverse! Now, I ran into a bit of a problem. I'm trying to make a unit invincible (instructor in this case), and couldn't get it to work with anything I know. right now it got this in the unit init field: "player setVariable ["ace_w_allow_dam",false,true]; player allowDamage false;" but this is not working. Is there a way to make an exception for a single unit to "ignore" CMS? or make him not take any damage or CMS effect? *Arma 2 BTW* Thank you, Silderoy
  6. I know its a bit of a weird request, but I would love to have a Ranger tab object, in a realistic size for the units ingame...
  7. You can create an alternative "Get in" action, and attach yourself to the truck, while not technicly inside. It will look similiar, but it will not kick you out. And then an alternative "get out" to detach. I can give you the code if the first way proposed, which is much simpler, doesnt work.
  8. You can have it in the same script. Just change the if syntax to waituntil, im writing from my phone so it takes too long...
  9. What about this: { if (player distance _x < 3) then { _x doMove getPosATL barn; }; } forEach [goat1, goat2, goat3...]; It has to be a script file, but its much more efficient.
  10. You can try to script an eject from the parachute, and say the strings broke. Cant remember the exact syntax ATM, but im sure someone could help.
  11. Make sure you remove it from the required addons in the beginning of the sqm. And you might have a problem with numbers in there...
  12. a boat cannot be a part of a group as its a vehicle and not a unit. the driver may be in the group, but you can tell him to disembark.
  13. _num = floor (random 100); if (_num < 100) then { _car addWeaponCargoGlobal ["Binocular", 1]; if (_num < 75) then { _car addWeaponCargoGlobal ["NVgoggles", 1]}; if (_num < 30) then { _random = random 1; If (_random > 0.5) then { _car addMagazineCargoGlobal ["BAF_ied_v1", 1]; } else { _car addMagazineCargoGlobal ["BAF_ied_v2", 1]; }; }; That one should work.
  14. You can do this by creating a new mission and just putting in it everything that comes with the mod. for example a line of all the units, a line of all the ground vehicles, a line of all the planes, etc etc. place all the ammo boxes next to each other, and all static weapons, and basicly everything that comes with that mod.