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  1. Hello, My name is SFC.Gustafson and welcome to the official 4thID Recruitment page, here you will learn a little bit about how our unit is run and what sets us apart from other Arma 2 communities. Introduction: The 4th Infantry Division ("Ivy Division") is a modular division of the United States Army based at Carson, Colorado. It is one of the most technically advanced and tactically proficient divisions in the United States Army. The 4th Infantry Division's official nickname, "Ivy", is a play on words of the Roman numeral IV or 4. Ivy leaves also symbolize tenacity and fidelity which is the basis of the division's motto: "Steadfast and Loyal". The second nickname, "Iron Horse", has been recently adopted to indicate the speed and power of the division and its soldiers. Our community is a multinational ArmA 2 ACE/ACRE Tactical Realism Unit. We provide a solid community to any and all skill levels, finding a fine balance between serious organization and engaging gameplay. We find pride on being able to be a part of the Arma2 community for almost 2 years, and look forward to the future. Division motto: "Steadfast and Loyal" Timezone/location: All events scheduled in EST, Squads are organized based on location. Ts Address: urx.ts.nfoservers.com Steam Page:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/4thID22ndCAV If you are looking to join the 4th I.D. please fill out an application form found under the "recruitment" tab of the website. Please refer to the forums for more information on the unit, important announcements and upcoming events. Members of the 4thID are required to use the Loadout Editor For Arma 2 addon (LEA), this saves us valuable time by bypassing the lengthy set up time at the start of our Cooperative events. The philosophy behind our choice of mods is to pick and choose only the essential and most applicable add-ons, trimming the fat and preventing an unnecessarily large and cluttered template for our players. As a result our mod list is much smaller than other units. The 4th ID’s BCT (Basic Combat Training) is required of all aspiring recruits in order to advance to the rank of private, and be considered a full-fledged member. This multi day event will teach recruits the ins and outs of arma2 ACE gameplay, each day’s event will take approximately 2 to 3 hours, so plan accordingly. The 4thID 22nd Cav is officially a part of Operation Titan and is expected to fulfill combat duties in the near future. https://www.facebook.com/OperationTitanArma2Warfare Again, please refer to our website's forums for more information on these subjects.
  2. Squad name: 4th Infantry Division 22nd Calvary Regiment Timezone/location : EST, Squads based on location. (Europe) Gamemode preference: Mainly Coop, occassional PvP games Contact email: Contact via Teamspeak or Steam Website address: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/4thID22ndCAV (We use our steam page for almost everything) Ts Address: urx.ts.nfoservers.com Short description: The 4thID is a multinational ArmA 2 CO ACE/ACRE Tactical Realism Unit. We provide a solid community to any and all skill levels, BCT is not mandatory! We pride ourselves over shaping new players into grizzled veterans, we do our best to help players understand how to play such an complex and immersive game like Arma 2. Official recruitment page is under construction. If you have any questions feel free to contact any of our senior staff members. Language: English
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    Arma3 will no doubt be a beast, all I know is that I have some serious upgrading to do!