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  1. Hi, I have purchased Normandy DLC via Steam to add to IFLib 1944 (also a Steam purchase and legit) and am using the editor. Have placed group of US Allies close to a group of German Infantry and moved towards Germans (clearly visible) but no shooting occurs / Germans or Amercians do not react, even when stood next to each other :butbut:- is the ai broken on this dlc??? Have tried switching US Allies to Russians and both sides fight / react no problems, at distance. Has any one experienced this with the DLC, or what else do I need to do in the editor? I have played on Arma2 and on the IFLib 1944 game using the editor for some time now and have not experienced this ai behaviour (lack of) before. I have verified the file content too. I am unable to find any similar issue reported. Perhaps this is a Steam specific issue? - if so I will post on Steam, but came here first as seemingly this is the most active forum on the game. Any help appreciated - thanks in advance!