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  1. Still having the problems. I updated my game and I believe the dedicated server was updated, but we still can't get new missions to recognize playable slots. I'll do more testing and see if it yields any answers =/
  2. I have also been having this issue. I created a mission in Eden with a few mods and when I go to play it on a dedicated none of the playable slots appear. Also, none of the images appear in the mission selection screen. The mission works just fine when exported to multiplayer and hosted on Hamachi in a LAN server, but they just won't work on a dedicated server. Other missions work fine on the dedicated server. I've tried creating multiple missions with varying dependencies (one mission with no mod dependency), yet none of them work. Any advice?
  3. wolfiogunz

    Predator Animals

    I think the idea is great. Try to go on a sniper mission with your buddy, when you come across an angry ant hive. You try to make a 1000m shot with 500+ fire ants crawling around you.
  4. Name: Vincent Walker Age:16 Mature,responsible,good teamwork. I'm new to Arma 2 (I've been playing for about four months now). I have zero experiance in teams or formal military groups (both IRL and gaming related). I own Arma 2 CO, a microphone, and I can get my hands on the certain mods that seem to be essential to team play. I would like to join a large regiment or battalion. I can roughly fly planes,jets, and helicopters. With some training I'm positive I can become an excellent pilot. Infantry wise, I can assume the role of machine gunner and squad support. Available to dedicate 3-4 hours into service most weeks. Most likely more. Send me a pm if you are looking to recruit!