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  1. I have been able to use this correctly on other servers perfectly... however on this server I really like does not seem to be working properly... Other people on the server are not having the same issues so I am not sure the issue is mine or server.. Either way, its when you examine someone to see their medical issues, when they are injured it gets all messed up... error visiable menu ... then it goes onto text n junk of locations of where the medical files should be, and they are functional at least in the other servers. Any help would be great.
  2. Where to start... I live in USA and Reality is my game.. Ha ha, I am not all about rules and regulations. I like to have fun an joke around, but when it comes to attacking an planning an being stealthy.. That is a more serious matter. Love teamwork and team-play games... I am new to Arma 2 world, so maybe another fellow newbie would care to hang out an learn the game together. I am mature, 25 yrs old. Am willing to play most any mod or mods that are out there. please message me anytime, Easter Standard is my timezone. I am usually always on, email me(zak1122@yahoo.com) or message me on this. I am not after a huge firefight or stuff like that, I have other games that suit that just fine. I like stealthy and slow paced games where we take time, and plan attacks/defenses. More direct and to the point, I am here to have fun and enjoy team-play and have some fun battles either in CO-OP against AI or other players. I prefer using voice communication, let me know which program. Just give me some time to get acclimated to the game and I guarantee I'll be one of the best online buddies you'll have... As long as you are mature... some of the time. :p ~Zak1122
  3. I would have to say, I have always enjoyed the Operation Flashpoint genre, and I am very sure this game will not disappoint. I have yet to fully install the game as I have recently got it. I am an avid gamer of realistic games, especially the FPS types. I tried the Arma 2 Free when I was able to, (some reason its acting weird... not connecting to the webpage for the free key )... And if I read it correctly, the free version said it is not HD graphics, what they consider HD must be AMAZING... Seriously it is stunning. You could compare this to Battlefield 2-3, however it would be like comparing an apple to a tire. Both are round, but one is much more tastier than the other. Don't get me wrong, those games are entertaining, but with this game it would feel teamplay and communication is essential. One-manning a chopper and jumping out in midair in the other games may be considered a daily achievement, but in Arma I would think that would be highly frowned upon. I know these are not direct answers to your questions, but I would say that so far everyone has answered them as I would... Every aspect of the game would be a positive answer to your question(s).. But I'll take a stab at it. ""1. Should I get the free version of Arma II, the O.A. expansion, or Combined Operations? Where's the action at? Highly Sugguest the Combined Ops to enjoy the game in FULL... Maps are HUGE when not limited to areas.. can sometimes be overwhelming, in a good sense. 2. Is the multiplayer scene lively? When I was able to use Arma 2 Free, was packed and I am quite sure it is now. 3. What's the best way of getting into Arma II and learning the ropes? There will always be manuals and suggestions , however I suggest the in-game tutorials, an learning as you go. Best way to learn is to learn by your own mistakes. 4. How are online matches organized, how easy are they to join? (Are they PvP or is AI involved?) As other who really know this game better than I, have already answered this question... 5. Do online matches usually require Teamspeak, and are the good ones held privately? As other who really know this game better than I, have already answered this question... 6. I want to train to be an excellent insurgent sniper, I could start out as a spotter. Is this a reasonable goal/occupation? I love, love sniping... As anyone who loves FPS type games does, however this goal/occupation in Arma II is going to be a hard one I feel. Unless have some background in knowledge of sniping as this is very realistic, I think you can even set the specific level of your scope...correct me if I'm wrong. Training is best! 7. What's the Arma hub? The best place to meet/interact with other players? I don't know, as of yet... hoping to find that out soon. 8. Is the Arma II scene going strong or has it died down? I, for one, Do not think it will ever die down. As long as there are avid gamers like me, who love this type.. it'll stay alive forever. 9. Why do you play Arma, and what do you love about it? "" (Hope you ment Arma 2. :p) My goodness, where to start... Graphics, realism, team-play, huge re-playability, Editor (not just map, but, essentially, every bit you can think of you can toy around with to your liking), The map, my lord the map world is HUGE, in-fact, the biggest one I have ever seen in a game, ... and the list goes on. More for me, I play this for the realism and comradery between other players.... And I have patience and don't feel the need to jump head-on into a firefight, like in many other shooters I have fallen into... If you would like to team up together, as newbies to the specific game, I am fully willing and waiting for partner(s) to join up with.. Hope this has helped some, from one of those who is not quite a vet to this game type, but has played many similar ones to this, though not exact. Wishing you good fun on the battlefield and hope to see you around. ~Zak1122