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  1. Good good, totally see your point of view, so await with abated breath for its release!!! In the mean time do you have a description of how the grouping mechanism works in game. We are finding difficulty receiving invites etc, i suspect its to do with the role and its location in the list that we choose, but not sure?
  2. Is there any chance of this being released publicly?
  3. Played your build last night Sa-Matra and its great, the grouping feature is excellent. Would love to see you release this publicly and move the mod/mission on that way. Wasteland would explode then!!!
  4. TheFairy

    What do you guys play ?

    Currently playing Wasteland.
  5. Currently running a server in Dublin, proving very popular. Great Mod!!! ---------- Post added at 12:04 ---------- Previous post was at 12:03 ---------- Would love to see the missions announced without an actual description of what you get at the end. Ie if a team has a weapons cache and another mission is announced with the same prize they might not go for it. However if we know theres somethingto capture, but not exactly what everyone might go for it!